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Question: Song Kul lake in May

Hello everyone,

I know this does not come as a surprise, but I am also interested in visiting Song Kul lake while being in Kyrgyzstan. I will be arriving in Osh at around 2nd of May and I would like to understand possibilities / suggestions on heading to Song Kul from there. Alternatively, I am thinking of flying to Bishkek and moving on to Song Kul from there.

Obviously I am interested on the most on-a-budget way, so please do not propose expensive tours, as I will be on my own and I cannot afford to pay the full price for such an organized tour :-) But I do thank you in advance for taking the time to share with me your suggestions.

Greetings, Stavroula

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Farkhod 3 years ago

Hello, Dear Sirs. Welcome to Uzbekistan. I would like to request you to recommend your friends about Uzbekistan. As it is said Uzbekistan is lovely, with kind hearted population. Please tell your friends. i can help you. 


Tilek 3 years ago

Hello Stavroula. I'm professional tour guide around Song Kol lake. I can organize this tour. If you interested please direct contact with me.

Best regards. 



Raika 3 years ago

Hi, In the end of may you can go by car. If you really want to go, you can hike there. Good luck))


Stavroula 3 years ago

Thank you everyone for the responses and tips! I think I need to plan a second trip in the area during summer!




Islam 3 years ago

Hi ! 

Now in Song Kul there is snow, in the end of may it will be possible to visit  but not for sure. 

From Osh to Song Kul there is direct way through jalal abad to naryn but now is closed. Alternative way is osh - Bishkek - naryn. 


Marat 3 years ago

Road to Son-kul will be coverd by snow in that period it will expensive to hiking there by horse and will take 3 days than yurtcamp can be instal especialy for you will cost around 300$


Kubanych 3 years ago

 1 day meeting at the airport Osh, accommodation in the guest house. Visit to Suleiman mountain, museum, Osh bazaar and parк

2 day departure to Arslanbob, on the road showing Uzgen minaret and bazaar. Accommodation in a guest house.

3 day walk through the walnut forest, show waterfalls and panorama. Overnight at the guest house.

4 day departure to Sarychelek through the Tegene Pass. Walk on the lake. Overnight at the guest house.

5 day departure to Kyzyloy, through the Alabel pass, along the road showing the Toktogul reservoir, local medavodov. Overnight at the guest house.

6 day walk around Kyzyloy, acquaintance with local residents. In the second half of the day, departure to Lake Sonkul

7 day Bishkek


Vladimir 3 years ago

Good morning! You can not get to Son Kul at the beginning of May, the passes are not yet ready for travel at this time.

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