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Question: 2 Days in Kyrgyzstan

Hello — I have two full days in Kyrgyzstan (start/end in Bishkek) in April. I am trying to decide between two amazing itineraries. And I don’t know enough about Kyrgyzstan to decide which to do. Both sound great.

Option 1: Ala Archa + Chong Kemin + Ketegy + Burana (plus a few other wonderful sounding activities along the way).

Option 2: Loop around Issyk Kul: Burana + Karakol + Jety Oguz + Skazka (plus a few other wonderful stops along the way).

What and Why would you do if this was the only opportunity to visit Kyrgyzstan?

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Altynbek 3 years ago

Hello Robert! Both of these itinerary are nice but you can do all of both in same time, I mean to mix these itinereries in one. 

Day1. Bishkek+Burana+Konorchek(canyon, hiking 2-3 hours )+ Bokonbaev( to visit the berkutchi, an eagle hunter)

Day2. Bokonbaeva+ Chon Kizil Suu (to have a nature bath in the hot spring in the middle of high mountains ) +Jety -Ogyz ( visit the water fall and discover all sights of this region)

In the north shore of Issyk-Kul aren't much sights to see, the south shore is more interesting!

Day3. Come back to Bishkek!

If you are interested, write me, I can orgonaize it!


Yaroslav 3 years ago

Both options are great! If I have such choise I'd like to try 1-st one. Because I like trekking, and it is good chance to cover another twenty km in different placesEspecially if it is possible to start trip in Ala-Archa in day 0, late evening. My itinerary could be like that:

D 0. Evening arriving to Ala-Archa and possible short walk. Overnight in hotel. Dinner.

D 1. Early morning hike to waterfall (3-4 hours), then drive to Konorchek canyons for hiking there (3-4 hours) and late evening arriving in Chon-Kemin valley. Overnight in guest house. B.L.D. 

D 2. Horseriding or hiking on surroundings. After that driving to Burana tower and finish in Bishkek

This options is super intensive, but even more wonderfull! I call this tipe of trips - "fast travel", when you can see a lot in a short time.

Second option is great if you prefer road trips and don't like to trek a lot.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


Zaman 3 years ago


I would recommend going on a one-day tour to Konorchek Canyons. there is a magnificent landscape. in the evening after the tour you can visit the sauna. and on the second day visit the Ala-Archa National Park.

your friend Zaman :)


Begaly 3 years ago


i would do the option 2, why? You will get more intereting places to see and discovery in two days! 


Galina 3 years ago


Both options sound good. For arrangments if you need help contact us. We will be glad to assist you. 

Have a nice trip!




Marsbek 3 years ago


I can recommend #2 very beautiful places and good for season. 


Raika 3 years ago

I recomend you to do the first one. Because till Karakol it will take about 400km. So more than 5-6 hours by car. You can replace it for hiking or other activities. ))


Sergey 3 years ago

Hi, I would suggest option two. I can arrange it by SUV.


Alban 3 years ago

I would suggest the latter one! But that would be a road trip however it worse it !

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