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Question: Current situation for travel to Wakhan through Khorog

I am very interested in taking a trip from Dushanbe to the Wakhan corridor but I would like to know the current situation.  Is Khorog (city to get Afghan visa) stable/safe/open to travel through for an American visitor at the moment?  I was reading about some issues with the Taliban but I wanted to ask the question.  I am aware of the dangers in traveling to Wakhan but I want to get a gauge on the current situation.  

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Sherali 2 years ago

Dear Kevin.

I have just now talked to consulate office in Khorog, which is in charge of issuing Afghan visa for foreigners. The officer says that the situation is normal. And tourists can get visa there, for Americans 220USD.

Also, I talked to one of our colleagues - tourist guide, who based in Afghan Wakhan. He also confirmed peaceful situation.

Please, let me know? if you need any more information or help.



Khushruz 2 years ago

Hello, Kevin!

Thank you for such an interesting question. 

I would like to say that it is possible to obtain an Afghan Visa in Khorog. I have contacts at the embassy, though I am quite sure that everyone here registered on the Indy guide have those connections.

Anyway, I did have several tourist from Japan and Italy that I helped to obtain such vis in 2 days, as the schedule of them had tight deadlines.

If you are intersted in such offer, please do not hesitate to contact me or the pals that also replied to your question. 

Speaking of Talibans, I would like to mention that the Wakhan territory is populated mostly with the Badakhshan people, which are friendly to foreigners, though I would stronlgly recommend you to be vigilant with all of them. Also, you should be prepared that the hired vehicle might be not in good conditions, which you have to accept as there are no alternative offers from the people of that side. If you are going to Wakhan of Afghan side, I strongly recommend you to purchase enough fresh bottled water for your trip as there you won't find one.

From my experience, none of the tourist that I sent to visit my partenrs in Afghanistan compalaned about the escalated danger or Talibans.

Thank you again for your question, and I hope I was informative for you.

Very friendly,



Turat 2 years ago

Dear Kevin. I myself was with my car in Afghanistan Wahan. tourists paid for me a visa and a permit for a car I was from Sultan Ishkashim side of Afghanistan to Sarhad Vahan corridor and back. Very beautiful nature and hospitable people of Afghanistan are more precise on the Vakhan corridor. I wish you a good journey in Afghanistan on the Vakhan corridor. Sherali wrote you the exact information. Best regards, Turat.



Turat 2 years ago

Hello Kevin. I am a driver and a guide Pamir Highway. I also travel through Wahan to Afghanistan to the Vakhan corridor. Then they also said that the problem was on the Afghan side of the Taliban but we went looking very beautiful and good people in Afghanistan and we came back. So Sherali told you the exact information. I also confirm Sherali. Best regards, Turat.


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