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Question: E-visa application for an Australian

Hi there,

I'm aiming to spend a week in Tajikistan and have just looked at the e-visa application for Australians. There are mandatory questions about having a contact person in Tajikistan, address etc.I will be travelling with a friend and I do not have any contacts in Tajikistan, nor any planned addresses where i will stay. Does anyone know whether i can just fill these questions in with a "to be advised". I emailed the email address provided on the e-visa website twice to query this and have had no response. Any assistance appreciated.  


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Mirzo Nazar

Mirzo Nazar 2 years ago

Hi Reuben, you can put any hotel address in Dushanbe and it will not be mandatory to stay at there after you will receive the visa.

Make sure you choose individual in "application type" section, this way you will avoid presenting contact information and letter of invitation in Tajikistan.

You can contact me for any further assistance.



Saidbek 2 years ago

Hello Reuben , 

It may ask you an address, which is tricky to ask a tourist , but for the formality give the name of one hotel in Dushanbe , whichever comes up in your search engine or wherever you wanna stay. 

If you have any questions or assistance from my part let me know,

Good luck , 



Marian 2 years ago

Dear Reuben, Just put down the name of a hotel or guesthouse. cheers Marian

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