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We are visiting Kyrgyzstan (27/4/2018-8/5/2018). We want to visit Song Kul lake but there is no way to reach the lake except by horse riding from Kyzart.

Could you organize for us half day horse riding to Song Kul from Kyzart with accommodation in a yurt on 30th April and back to Kyzart next day, first May?

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Kanat 1 years ago

you can also go to Song-Kul by horse,I can organize 2 days horse riding from Kyzart to Song-Kul, it costs 200$ for 2 people, trekking is of course cheaper, I can pick you up from Kochkor then transfer to Kyzart. if it`s interesting contact me?

thank you in advance!


Kuba 1 years ago

hello there, yes  i can.

Here is the proce -

1 horse rent  - 1000 som per day

2000 for horseriding guide per day

accomadation in yourt 1000 som per personne per day

Kindly, Kuba


Marsbek 1 years ago


My name is Marsbek. I am a professional guide and driver for Kyrgyzstan. I can organize your tour to Song Kol lake. I know local  people ho has strong horses. We will stay in his house one night and in the morning we will move to Song Kol lake via Kyzart pass. You need warm clothes and shoose. And in Song Kol lake we will stay in lokal peoples yurt. 

Best regards Marsbek.

michael 1 years ago

Song Kol has complete vehicular access.


Ainura 1 years ago

Hello Eleni,

We can organize horseriding to Son Kol lake. We had already several tourists.

You can contact me.


Kanat 1 years ago

hello! if you don`t want a horse riding,you can reach the lake on foot, of course. In that case it`s possible to reach at the foot of the pass or mountain "Tuz ashuu" by car then you can easily get to Song-Kul on foot on that day, you have to start a trekking early in the morning. there is a yurt camp in Song-Kul already. next day on your way back the car will pick you up on the same place where the trekking started.



Venera 1 years ago

Hi! I can organize you tour to Song Kul lake from Kyzart village  through Kilemche valle. 

30th April after lunch starting horse riding tour  from Kyzart village to Kilemche valley horse riding time about 4 hours dinner and accommodation in Kilemche valley. Next day after breakfast  horse riding to the lake across the Tuz Ashuu pass 3400 m. Picnic and relaxing, taking photos and come back Kilemche and lunch (when you want from Kilemche to Kyzart in a car possible).

70$ per person

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