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Get in touch with me for authentic local experience in Kyrgyzstan. Having lived and conducted anthropological research in remote areas of Kyrgyzstan, I developed an insider's understanding of my own country, its history and culture. I have friends and contacts in places off the beaten paths who will welcome you in their home and family.  

My skills, interests, and hobbies: I have extensive experience in travelling, trekking in Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia, South East Asia and Europe. I speak English, Russian and Kyrgyz fluently. I love meeting people, learning about other cultures, stories and telling about my country's history and culture.

Country: Kyrgyzstan

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Role: Individual/Freelancer

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Rahat is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. She made me feel relaxed and at ease throughout my tours with her. I highly recommend her as your guide if you decide to visit Kyrgyzstan.


I had the most wonderful time with Rahat. I organised my tour months in advance and changed my plans a few times but she helped we work everything in.

The tour was well organised and I got to experience things I never would have had the chance to see or do if it had not been for Rahat’s unique connections.

We had such a good time and by the end of it I felt like I had been travelling with a friend all week. She’s a lot of fun and she made Kyrgyzstan so exciting and interesting.

Would certainly recommend Rahat to anyone!

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We went on a 10-day trip with Rahat and everything was very well-organised - we didn't have to fret a single thing! She is very knowledgeable, welcoming, patient and accommodating :) Our driver Bakyt was very professional and took us safely everywhere. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, and it was only possible because we were so well taken care of! Thank you again :D

Noelle about listing 31 May to 9 June 10 months ago.

I took a 5 day tour with Rahat to Issyk Kul Lake and everything went smoothly. Rahat was very responsive and emails were always answered within hours. Her English is perfect and she was super friendly who always took good care of me. She and the driver were very responsible and always came to pick me up at the agreed time. I had a great time in Issyk kul and the service of Rahat is highly recommended


We count our blessings for having found Rahat. She is a very thoughtful, cultured and sensitive person, she is very interesting and easy to talk to, and extremely professional. Her English is excellent, and she always adapted the tempo of the trip to our pace, listened to everything we said and planned accordingly, always making sure to think ahead of the next step.

Central Asia is not always the easiest place in which to be a vegetarian, but while in her hands we never felt this was an issue, as she always ensured there was a vegetarian option, even purchasing and carrying some treats for us along the way.

We wished to have spent longer in Kyrgizstan but Rahat ensured we saw some amazing highlights of this beautiful country. She found us a great driver in whose hands we always felt incredibly safe, and who had a great sense of humour and was great company too. We drove from Bishkek to Issyk Kul ans stayed at Bel Tam yurt camp. Rahat ensured we had some vegetarian meals during our stay. The camp was located by the shore of the lake with great views of the mountains behind. We managed a great swim and the sunset was amazing. We also attended an Eagle hunting demonstration which we will never forget and a local musician from the village came to the camp for those who wished to attend a traditional folk music concert around the fire in the nearby camp.

After breakfast we left for a hike around the beautiful Fairy Tale Canyon followed by a visit to the magical Jeti-Oguz valley where we climbed a hill on a horse, bought locally produced honey, had a surprise pic-nic by a river and enjoyed the views.

We reached the city of Karakol by mid-afternoon and visited the local museum which houses a small but very interesting collection of artifacts and a great display of pictures by Swiss adventurer, writer and photographer Ella Maillart which is a must, especially if you are familiar with her story. The museum in itself is housed in a building with the characteristic Russian-style architecture that gives Karakol an added reason to be part of any itinerary.

In the evening we had an amazing dinner at a restaurant serving local Kyrgyz dishes and watched a show of traditional musical. We spent the night at the very cosy EverGreen guesthouse and the next day we left for Almaty in Kazakhstan via Charyn Canyon with a driver Rahat arranged for us, since you will need a 4x4 able to cope with some 100 km of very bad road. The scenery more than compensates for the state of the road.

Although short (Kyrgyzstan was the last of the 4 central Asian countries we were visiting), our visit will certainly continue another time, as we fell in love with Kyrgyzstan and the Kyrgyz people, and have a lot in our list of places to see there. We enjoyed being in Bishkek – a very green city with interesting architecture and parks, very good hotels, great food and restaurants and a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Hopefully the National History Museum will be opened to the public again as it was closed for renovation while we were there.

Interested as I am in the local history, music, dance and traditions of Kyrgyzstan, I came back with a long list of links which Rahat found for me to explore later. I enjoyed the time I spent with Rahat very much and there is no one else I would have wished to have as a travelling companion in Kyrgyzstan (or anywhere else for that matter), because she is much more than just a guide. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

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Great 3-day trip to Karakol. Rahat organised everything perfectly, I would highly recommend her and this tour! Thank you for everything!


Totally recommended! I did two individual tours with Rahat in Bishkek and had an amazing time! The organization before the tour was perfect. Rahat is taking you to many interesting places and is answering all questions. The time with her was great fun and I would always want to meet her again in case I come back to Bishkek.

Maren about listing City tour Tuesday 1 years ago.

I had a truly fantastic time on my tour with Rahat. As promised, she took me to places not ordinarily included on tours. We also went to some of the more popular stops, and she added details and deep history beyond anything I’ve read online so far. On top of it all, Rahat was warm and kind, easily able to answer my questions and share her individual thoughts on topics. She’s obviously studied hard and loves sharing her knowledge with others. She’s very good at it! The photo is from one of our stops. You’ll have to take her tour to know more about it!

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We met Rahat in Bishkek in April 2017. She is a very nice and reliable person and speaks English.

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