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 Hi friends, 

I am the owner of a Hostel in Almaty, which is the first hostel opened in Kazakhstan. In the meantime we are opening hostels in Bishkek, Karakol, Dushanbe. We also provide individual & group shared tours around Almaty & Central Asia. Usually we compile groups of 4-6 people. You may also share the tour with them. 

Here what our guests say about our hostel & tours:

"I booked an excellent tour to Altyn-Emel National Park. I went for one day which was a great way to see the dunes and petroglyphs. I would have gone on the two night tour but didn't have much time. Staff are friendly and excellent. They have a good breakfast and even gave me some of their dinners!"

"Nice hostel with big common area. The breakfast is good and there are many possibilities for tours and the hostel staff is very friendly and helpful"

"The staff is super friendly and accomodating. The tours are fun especially if you aren't sure what to do in Almaty'"

"What an amazing place and great value for money. The staff were fantastic from start to finish and really enjoyed teaching me Kazakh and Russian. The breakfasts were good and the place was so clean and homely, with central heating. They organised a great tour for us to the canyons and horse trekking. Absolutely loved it and would highly recommend it to anyone going to almaty and Kazakhstan"

So, if you are coming to Almaty & Central Asia we are ready to help you, guys),

See you,



My skills, interests, and hobbies: I really enjoy when I am traveling and learning different cultures and traditions. Also I like skiing and running.

Country: Kazakhstan

Trip Request for: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan

Role: Registered Tour company

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5 received reviews (80% positive, 4/5)


Everything went super well. All was well coordinated. Great guide Sabidova! Thank you.

Yau Loong

Kudos to the two young guides, Akai and Akyl, for making this a memorable trip.

They were full of energy, and were very candid with their explanation of Kyrgyzstan's history and culture.

Akly's family was also very hospitable and super friendly. We had a very delicious dinner at his place with his family.

Would highly recommend this trip for travellers who want to experience the best of Bishkek in 1 day.

Yau Loong about listing Day trip to Bishkek from Almaty 1 years ago.
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We really liked the guide and the driver,because they were really friendly and helpful and the tour with them was amazing. The lunch and the dinner were also delicious.


Kristof about listing Day trip to Bishkek from Almaty 2 years ago.

Rahat was a very professional contact, although we DID NOT make the tour in the end. Please continue reading, because I think the negative review Rahat had before was caused by a misunderstanding. Rahat owns a hostel and offers tours. Often she gets 5 people together, then the prices are extremely low. She cannot guarantee that, though. So if you read her descriptions carefully, you will see that your price might be higher than you thought. Be aware of this! Rahat does not NOT LIE! When we were getting concerned about the costs, she was extremely honest and helpful. She offered us an alternative tour (with some adaptations we did not like) for a cheap prize. But we did our initial tour in the end and we did it with someone else, because we absolutely wanted to see some special sights. Rahat was available for us on the phone, via WhatsApp and via Email and she was always helpful. If she had found a tour which included our favourite sight for us for a sighlty cheaper prize, we would certainly have gone with her.

Missing Nathan

I booked the shared day tour of big almaty lake for 25 USD per person

As you can see this tour included:

11:00 Starting from hostel

12:00 Lunch at open air

14:00 Big Almaty Lake

17:00 arriving to Falcon Show

18:00 departing to hostel

Once i got confirmation i had exchanged emails with the above person to confirm that we would be picked up at our hotel. Then came the lies:

1. Tour is supposed to be with a Jeep. There was no Jeep

2. Tour is advertised as 25USD. The person emailed me telling me this price is based on more people filling the car up and if it was just me and my girlfriend it would be 35usd per person which i wasnt happy about but I accepted. But we were not told how many people were ever coming despite me sending them emails back and forth this was never mentioned to me so I assumed people had booked

3. The languages said english. The driver who turned up only spoke russian. We had no idea what was going on at this time as he could not communicate with us.

4. We were picked up and taken to almaty lake where we took some nice pictures but was expecting an english person to talk us through maybe explain something. Obviously this didnt happen so we took our pictures and waitied for him to take us to lunch

5. There was no lunch in the open air. In fact no lunch at all.

6. I told the driver to go to falcon show he told us in his best english it was closed. By this time it was frustrating. this just seemed like a driver emplyed by some company to take us to the lake and back!

7. he wa reluctant to call the company but he did and i spoke to a lady who was VERY rude! she disagreed with me on every scale and told me to pay the driver 50USD. I said "for what"? He drove us to the lake and that is it! I was so upset. I had planned this special day with my girlfriend as a present to her to take some nice photos, have an english speaker with us and go to the falcons show as she loves falcons.

She argued with me over the phone and demanded I pay. I felt sorry for the driver as I knew he was not part of the company he was obviously just subcontracted.

Anyway we told the driver to take us back to the hotel. He was trying to be nice to tell me to stop on the way down for photos which we did. But by this time we were so upset nothing what we booked apart from a drive to almaty lake was going to happen

We returned to the hotel only after 3 hours in of what was suppsoed to be advertised as a 7 hour tour!

I wanted our recetptionist at the hotel to translate to the driver that we were upset and would pay him 50usd just to stop the arguing as my girl friend was upset by this time. I just wanted to leave. The receptionsit kindly explained to him and then some more discussions happened with the Indy Guide company and the woman again was SO rude to me demanding i pay.

By this time i put the 50USD on the table and told the driver thanks and that was it. And then he got angry and refused the money as it was in dollars. This again was not my problem, they were lucky i paid for anything on this tour which is a complete scam.

He refused to accept the dollars and left and gave it to me.

Unfortunately i know this is not the drivers fault it is the complete fault of the tour company who are doing false advertising and trying to scam innocent tourists who are happy to pay for a tour if it is advertised properly.

If they want to be an Uber service or taxi service then they should advertise as such. Not to lure people in to a false tour and demand they pay

In this light i would like you to speak with this company and ensure they do not scam any other tourists out of money and more importantly they have wasted half of my day where i could have used another company. I am very happy with indy guide as I have used their tours before and had wonderful experiences but this person needs to be stopped, or punished for false advertising and poor customer service.

Thanks and regards

Mr. Cooper

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