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Hey There! I would love to welcome you to my amazing country Kyrgyz Republic.  My name is Rakhat and I'm a local guide in Central Asian Mountains since 2014. I speak English,  Le françaisTürkçe and my native languages (Kyrgyz, Russian, Kazakh).


Me and my professional team welcome everyone, who wants to explore this amazing and undiscovered region and we will get you off the beaten path in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan, and at the same time you will experience these places like a local.

We organise all kind of tours










My skills, interests, and hobbies: My free time I spend for volunteering and Charity programs. I love trekking, horse riding, hiking, driving, cooking, traveling.

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Trip Request for: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan

Role: Registered Tour company

Years of experience: 5

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9 received reviews (56% positive, 5/9)


After i made a booking with him he quit replying to my messages and never confirmed anything and didnt show up.

Pick another guide is my advice!


We had a apointment with Rakhat. He should drive us from Karakol to Almaty. I spoke with him one time on mobile and he said he would be 40 minutes late. He never showed up and he did not answer the phone. After 1.5 hours waiting we went to Visit Karakol and they arranged the driving for us. The driver told us that this had happened one time before with two other women.

Ingebjorg about listing Karakol-Almaty 6 months ago.


first of all, there was zero conversation with Rakhat before the tour. he didn't inform me conditions and schedule, even didn't reply on my email.

on the day we met, Rakhat's brother showed up instead of him. He also didn't explain about the schedule. He thought we need to spend a night at yurt. But I already booked a Apt at Almaty. He complained about going back to Almaty and wanted to reduce the number of tour sites.

we were supposed to visit Assy Plateau. But the car was in bad condition. it couldn't go up the hill.

Suddenly, the guide told me that I need to choose one of two. one is walking 5 hours to Assy Plateau. the other one is just giving up the tour. IT MAKES NO SENS.

He said "basically my car has no problem but the nature changed"and refused to refund any amount of the money.

He suggested to visit a waterfall which is included other Assy plateau trip, but I said ok. however the road was blocked so I could't visit the damn waterfall too.

He screwed my day and took my 100$

the driver even just stop the car on the way back to Almaty and told us to get off and just disappeared. so I had to wait him on extremely hot road. Later I informed that he went to Mosque to pray.

praying is ok. the real matter is whether inform me before stopping car.

when I pointed the problem, the guide said "It's religion. you need to understand"

I said "that's your business". then "religion is not a business" he said. what a saint!


Suebin about listing Assy, Charyn, kolsay, kaindy, karakol 6 months ago.

Rakhat is a good driver but his car in bad condition, no air condition.

We rent him for 9 day. In the 8 day he do not came(said that have problem with the car) and not give us any alternative.

He is 22 old and no profetional.

He do 2 big mistake.

Thing twice before you rent his car

Norma about listing Car with driver 7 months ago.

We (me and my friend) had 11 days long trip with Rakhat exploring Bishkek City, Ala Archa National Park, Karakol, Jyrgalan Valley, Places near Sary Jaz, North and South shore of Issy Kul, Kaji Say, Kochkor, Song Kul, and Too Ashu Pass with sightseeing and few activities.

We didn’t have much idea about the place before we went there and to our surprise, we ended up with an amazing trip in this beautiful country. However, this wonderful trip would not be possible without the support of our kind guide Rakhat! He took us to places of his beautiful country with his car & showed us around. We had an itinerary in our mind which we had shared before our embarkation. However, we wanted to be flexible at the same time, so that if it would require, we could change our initial plan. Rakhat easily reciprocated with our plan as well as our need of flexibility. What was even better is, he took us to places that was not in our radar. So we ended up discovering few waterfalls including a frozen one which was amazing and also the Jyrgalan Valley with breathtaking view. Rakhat was kind, honest & efficient as a guide. His driving skill is praiseworthy. We could not do a lot of hiking because of the weather. But in small experience we knew that Rakhat was also great in guiding our hiking trips as well. Overall our trip couldn’t have been any better without our guide. So thank you Rakhat. Rakhat is very experienced and extremely knowledgeable about Kyrgyzstan and Kirgiz culture. We wish him to be successful in all his ventures.

We would love to come back in this beautiful country of pristine landscape. And definitely we will recommend to our friends as well. Wishing Rakhat & Kyrgyzstan all the best

Nazia about listing Kyrgyzstan Tour 8 months ago.

Rakhat is a remarkable driver/guide! We traveled to Kyrgyzstan with our two toddlers and Rakhat was so careful, he drove well and safely. Rakhat was with us during our entire stay, and I must say he is an amazing person - honest, discreet, attentive, knowledgeable and extremely kind. I would highly recommend Rakhat as he highly participated to make our Kyrgyz trip a unique and unforgettable experience. Thanks so much Rakhat!

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everything went very well, since the contact through the site to the actual tour. Everything went according to planed and promised.

I had a long lay-over on the Bishkek airport, and I did with Rakhat and his brother a day-tour to Ala-Archa park and then a city tour in Bishkek, where they took me to see the main atractions of the city.

Pedro about listing Ala Archa + Bishkek Citytour 1 years ago.

Very happy with the moments we shared with Rakhat's brother , being busy in some other Trek , we had the pleasure to meet Askat .and he made our tour a good memory , having to change the program because of trails being closed due to rock falls , he proposed to visit the capital in the last afternoon which was delightful . Very kind young Kirgiz man , we would recommend his service ,we had good fun with him .

Patrick about listing 2 days tour in Ala Archa with Rakhat 2 years ago.
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Lune Gene

Great trip with unique custom-made experiences you cannot find anywhere else!

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