Everything perfect! Technical - Punctual at the appointment and high quality of vehicle. Good and attentive driving over long distances. Cultural - Dildabek is extremely knowledgeable about the places we visited - more important, he is passionate about the history and culture of Kazakkhstan, and he loves to share fascinating stories and insights - the history, the steppe, the people, the mountain, the music the culture and lifestyle - historic and contemporary. Personal - Flexibe in adap...


Marat was our guide for 2 days tour around Bishkek with eagle hunting show. We saw many beautiful and interesting places, and I think, Marat had a great job to made a maximum experience for us within these 2 days. He was very flexible, give us many options. He is very open-minded for other informations for e.x. about our county or other travel experience. And I very like his explanations about the sites - there where very informative and based. I hope we can go back to Kyrgisistan soon. If ...


Faultless service and a great, great day. From the initial contact through to the actual day Mirzonazar provided us with help, advice and well informed guidance. He is both knowledgeable and thoroughly nice gentlemen. Can't recommend him highly enough.


By the time we met Mirlan, we spent 10 days in Kazakhstan, travelling nearly alone. We had difficulties without knowing russian or kazakh. It was a really relaxing time having him to arrange details, and our task was simply listening him, seeing the sights and enjoy time. He led us around Almaty and told us interesting stories about buildings, people, lifestyle and history, what we have never know from books. We had great conversations - thanks for his fluent English - about all questions wh...


Due to the brief shutting of the border between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan during the Kyrgyzstan presidential elections, Marat was unable to pick me up from my hotel in Taraz, as he couldn't take his car across the border. So we arranged to meet in Chaldovar, after I crossed the border instead. The drive to Bishkek with Marat was a personal highlight of my trip to Central Asia, I was lucky to have his company and the gorgeous views of his native country. I was very pleased, he made the effort ...


Dildabek is a very fascinating man and a great tour guide. He took me from my hotel in Shymkent to Taraz and still managed to show me Aisha bibi and a few of the sites of ancient Taraz despite our short time frame. He is very knowledgeable about Kazakhstan and I learnt a lot along the way. Due to the brief shutting of the border between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan I was unable to meet my next guide as he could not leave Kyrgyzstan, so Dildabek worked hard with my hotel to arrange alternate tran...


Islam took me on a morning trip from my hotel in Shymkent to Khoja Ahmed Yassawi Mausoleum in Turkestan, as I was short on time. He answered all of my many questions professionally and patiently before our trip. Also learnt many things about Turkestan and South Kazakhstan despite the limited time we had together. I definitely recommend Islam for tours in South Kazakhstan.


Kirill is a super nice guy who not just led the tour perfectly, but also helped me a lot with other things like airport transfer, immigration police registration and all sorts of questions that I had before my arrival and when I was in Almaty. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a perfect guide in Almaty, and I will definitely join his tour when I come to Almaty again. Thanks a lot Kirill!


What an extraordinary time I had with Dildabek!! A man of great wisdom, knowledge and passion for his home country and people. I have seen much, experienced and learnt much and have much to think about!! I was not just a tour but an education and a journey within myself. Thank you again


Shamil was the best tour guide we could have ever hoped for, very helpful and was always making sure we were ok. He went above and beyond. The home stays were great he chose and we even enjoyed a meal at his home in Murghab. His driving skills were great and handled the rough roads perfectly. Thanks Shamil! Stefan, Jade, Justin & Dennis

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My god was it a brilliant two weeks in Mongolia... All the history all the adventure truly was amazing.. It was so amazing that by the end of my trip I actually was contemplating on staying for another week instead of going back to work..

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The tour was absolutely perfect. Everyone was helpfull and kind. Here or there occured some difficulties with languages, but it was fun to find the meaning and we did every time :) The food was delitious and the accomodation in yurt was also a very new experience of us on that beautiful place. I recommend it to real travellers, who like to learn new things. Thanks a lot.


Samir made me have a wonderful time in the beautiful Almaty region. The travel, accomodation and food were amazing and he told me a lot about the country. Hope to come back and make an other tour with him!


Soko organizes very good tours and I have enjoyed myself very much during my time with her, her tourguide and drivers. I very much recommend contacting her if you consider going to Mongolia! She has a lot of valuable contacts and can basically help you with anything you need or want in your trip.


Sergio is a professional guide I would recommend. He is not only knowledgeable about the local situation, and don't mind to go out of the way to make the trip more enjoyable. Thanks Sergio, keep up with your good works. Alex (Hong Kong)


It was a great experience ! Askhat was very friendly and professional !