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Our stay in Samarkand with Bobosher was just amazing. He saw us the main cultural monuments and gave us very interesting informations about the history of their construction. We had also the opportunity to talk with him about the evolution of the country. Finally, he made us discover some typical restaurants because we don't like touristic places. His english is also very good Bob made our stay really great and we highly recommend him

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Arman was a great guide , we had a great day with him! He knows a lot about the country's history and was able to provide us with lots of information about Almaty. We were initially unable to go to the BAL as planned as the car was not a jeep and the roads were too snowy so he took us to another place that we wanted to go to. Whilst we were there he arranged for us to go with another driver who had a jeep! We were so happy that we got to see the Big Almaty Lake- this would not have been po...


Unfortunately (due to miscommunication from my side), the tour did not happen


Everything went smoothly!


Everything goes so well and smooth with Andrey. He cares about us and makes the trip memorable with full activties arranged. He is flexible to make changes to suit the special needs with customer. He shows us around the city including the local dishes which makes this trip a very authentic one. I tend to recommend Andrey as your personal guide for your next trip to Almaty.


I am really glad that I got a reply from Munkhduulga the last minute while I was looking for a good UB tour within my budget. Had it not been so, I would have not been able to be setup with an awesome 3D2N tour to the places I have mentioned and wanted to go to (and again fitting into my budget!), and I am very much looking forward to it! I had many questions and clarifications since it is my first Indy-Guide booking and he has always promptly and gladly replied back. Now I am all settled and...


My girlfriend and I had an amazing and incredibly fun time. Andrey was very helpful with getting the ski gear and getting us up the mountain. He was also very open, easy to talk to and knowlegeable about the food and region. Jimmy and Erin


Fantastic! We have chosen Mongolia as our honeymoon destination. We tried reaching out to few DMC initially but they were taking a lot of time to respond. We came across Indy Guide by chance the response time impressed us a lot. And so many people connected with us regading our query. We were really impressed with the website and also the listings. Keep up the great work!


A great trip! Sergey is a very good guide. Pick up right at the agreed time. Safe and restful drive to the canyon where he professionally presented everything. On the way we stopped at the cheap and tasty place for a dinner. I highly recommend trips with this guide. Wspaniała wcieczka. Sergiej to bardzo dobry przewodnik. Punktualny przyjazd w umówione miejsce. Bezpieczna i spokojna jazda do kanionu. Na miejscu pokazał wszystko w profesjonalny sposób. Po drodze postój w sprawdzonym i tanim...

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갑작스럽게 잡힌 예약임에도 불구하고 새벽에 메시지 주신 사이트 관리자분과 이른 아침 6시에 연락이 된 세르게이 덕분에 어찌어찌 투어를 가게 됐습니다. 하루를 공칠뻔했는디 말이죠. 저는 챠른캐년 투어 당일치기 다녀왔는데 겨울이 아니라 여름이었다면 2박이나 3박하면서 구경하고 싶을 만큼 멋졌습니다. 당일치기는 워낙 왕복하는 시간이 8시간쯤으로 많이 걸려서... 위에서 보는 광경과 밑에서 보는 광경이 다르고 차 위에 올려주시고 운전도 해주셔서 지프투어하는 기분을 느낄 수 있습니다. 차랑 간단한 과자 같은 거 주시는데 겨울이라 이거 먹어서 그나마 따뜻했습니다. 그리고 가는 길에 샤슬릭 파는 마을 있는데 샤슬릭 하나에 300텡게니까 많이 드세요. 저는 3개 먹었는데 더 먹을걸 하는 생각이 들더라구요. 즐거웠던 투어였습니다. 이렇게 여행할 때 옵션이 있다는 게 얼마나 다행인지 몰라요.

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I selected the day trip to Chimgan Mountains & Charvak Lake from Tashkent with Bob. Overall, the tour was great! Bob was extremely professional and knowledgable, especially about the history of Uzbekistan. His English was very good and we had no problems communicating with each other. We ate lunch at a traditional restaurant which really tasty. The only negative part of the tour was the weather. It unfortunately snowed the whole time, and a thick blanket of snow/fog obscured the mountains...


We were on a 3-day-2-night tour with Kirill to Singing Dunes, Aktau Mountain & Charyn Canyon in January in winter. Kirill has been very professional and considerate throughout the trip. The tour was amazing with lots of stunning natural scenery where you won’t find elsewhere in the world. Despite the long drives, with lots of off-road sessions, his driving was stable and he from time to time stopped to point us the wildlife in the national park. He is very knowledgable about th...


My friends and I joined a half day tour to the Big Almaty Lake with Kirill, and we highly recommend anyone to go on a trip with Kirill. Kirill is a professional driver and his drives are very stable and safe. He knows the path and the destination very well, so he could be able to provide the best guide and good information to us. Also, he prepared a sled for us at the Big Almaty Lake, which is a big bonus to the trip! He also hiked up the mountain with us so that we can see some unique sce...


Fun, Friendly and enthusiastic. A lovely young lady who is passionate about her vocation and her country. A real delight booking this tour with her. There is no better way to see the historical parts of this delightful city. She is a credit to the Kazakh people and highly recommend this tour, especially for all the yummy treats, food, cheese, fruit and wine....oh and horse if you're up for it! Thank you Zhanar and hopefully catch up one day soon on my travels! Good luck young lady!


Kirill was very helpful before the trip and picked us up at our hostel on time. He was very well prepared for everything and helped us with everything we needed on the way. There were no complications throughout the trip or at least nothing he could not handle professionally. The trip went very smooth and we enjoyed the time with him, he is a very nice and relaxed person. We reached all our destinations on time and comfortably, since he showed big experience with his car and a safe and profes...

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Ive been travelling for 15 years and this is the worst "host" and experience I have ever had. In short: The fraudulent tour is run by either Rahat or Aibek. I booked the shared day tour of big almaty lake for 25 USD per person This is the tour: As you can see this tour included: 11:00 Starting from hostel 12:00 Lunch at open air 14:00 Big Almaty Lake 17:00 arriving to Falcon Show 18:00 departin...