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Country: Sweden

Trip Request for: Kazakhstan, Tajikistan

About my trip: Traveller from Sweden - looking for day trips!

Travel month: June 2018

Number of persons: 2

Status: Booked

2 received reviews (100% positive, 2/2)


I arranged vehicle for Nirulund & his friends, I tried my best to assist them & make their trip easier

Saidbek about listing Nurek 2 years ago.

The tour to Big Almaty Lake with Rikard and Tom went cool. It was foggy a little bit at the lake but it gave nice view and there was little rain overall these things made the tour interesting and fresh ! Want to thank them for taking this trip with us! Wishing you to have good times in the next destination.

Best Regards


Darkhan about listing One day trip to Big Almaty Lake 2 years ago.

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