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Hello dear travelers

Glad to represent my country, its beautiful nature, unique culture and traditions, hospitable nation, ancient history

I work with wonderful team which has good experience in orginizing group and individual tours in Turkmenistan


We are always at your service

My skills, interests, and hobbies: Like exploring new counties and travel a lot Speak fluently 4 languages: english, russian, turkish, turkmen

Country: Turkmenistan

Trip Request for: Turkmenistan

Role: Registered Tour company

Years of experience: 5

9 open listings

3 received reviews (100% positive, 3/3)


Ruslan is informative and always ready to help as well as guide you. You can totally trust him and he makes sure you are safe and you get all you need. I really recommend him!

Maria about listing Maria Travels 10 months ago.

Ruslan did a great job of organizing my trip. There was a lot of back and forth to accommodate my specific schedule. He was proactive, and gave me several options. Ruslan kept me informed while I waited for my visa.

Once I arrived, Ruslan was always available. Good suggestions for restaurants, and able to make sensible minor changes to the schedule when needed.

Our driver kept us on schedule, in a clean, safely operated minivan. We covered a lot of ground in a week, and I thoroughly enjoyed it all

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ruslan and his associates if you're considering a trip to Turkmenistan. The Indy-guide referral service makes booking very easy as well.

Wendell about listing Wendell trip to Turkmenistan 12 months ago.
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Ruslan was very friendly and personable. I had a great tour.

Mark about listing Darvaza 12 months ago.

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