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  1. I am native to the high plateau of Murgab and are part of the Kyrgyz minority living in these high altitude areas. After completing school in the provincial capital of Murgab I started working as drivers and guides.

 This was done in cooperation with NGOs who set up a tourism development program. We have now more than 15 years of experience in guiding foreigners through the great mountains of the Pamir. We have trained extensively in tourism and have a strong understanding of the English language. 

Our knowledge of the area, including every valley, village and historical spot is comprehensive. We have close relationship with the local communities. This sense of community will give you a sense of being “as one” with this enticing landscape and its people. 

My skills, interests, and hobbies: Tourism. Biking, trekking, Jeep tour, horse riding, yak riding and camel

Country: Tajikistan

Trip Request for: Tajikistan

Role: Registered Tour company

Years of experience: 20

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Before booking with Saidali I asked him lot of question and he answer to me in a very accurate way and togheter we plan the Pamir trip for me. The driver Mendibai was great, he really know everything and he also explain me the things we saw during the trip. Very recommended.

Simone about listing Pamir Highway 5 days start 10th may 1 years ago.
Missing Jorik

Saidali guided us in the autumn of 2018 in the Pamirs. They took good care of us from the start by driving safely and informing us about about the programme along the route. I felt like a guest the whole trip and we were able to meet the local people as well as spotting some wildlife. What I especially appreciated was their flexibility to adapt the programme on our request.

If I would consider going to Central Asia again I would surely contact Saidali.

Missing Nadine

Having done several treks in beautiful Pamir (TJ & KG) as well as a sabbatical year on the southern bank of Issyk-Kul, I can recommend Saidali without any hesitation. They are just perfect if you want to discover places off the beaten track and to experience daily life of locals of different ethnics and in remote areas. Saidali has plenty of good contacts so that you can rely on being accommodated in nice places and with yummy food, sometimes even with some traditional singing and dancing going on... ;-) He is happy to arrange your travel/logistics by jeep, foot, bicycle, just let them know what exactly you want to experience. However, if you want to go mountaineering, please note that this is NOT an activity Saidali provides.

As for Saidali, he is a truly wonderful person. His command of English is very good and he is passionate about sharing his knowledge on culture, history etc. with his guests. He is extremely attentive and helpful - not because he is expected to be so, but by nature which is very pleasant. Also, he has an excellent sense of humor.

I'm sure you will enjoy working with Saidali & Co. They are all really nice people who will do their utmost that your guests' trip becomes an unforgettable experience.

Should you have any more questions, just let me know.

PAMIR-ly yours,


PS I myself will make another 3 weeks' trek in Pamir with Saidali this year. Yeap, can't wait to get back there.


I booked a 23 day trip with Saidali (through this website) for USD 2710 ( I had my own tent and paid for a nights accom). I was a solo traveller with an interest in trekking as well as The Pamir Highway/Wakhan Corridor.

The itinerary offered by Saidali was extensive and all inclusive. It was perfect for what I wanted. We started in Dushanbe, Tajikistan and ultimately finished in Osh, Kyrgyzstan.

Pre-trip communication was very good through both IndyGuide and Saidali was in touch when I was in Tajikistan several times. I was also able to pay a deposit (10%) pre-trip through Stripe and the balance in USD to Mohammed in Tajikistan.

I was assigned a guide- Mohammed, who is a really great young guy. We were going to change guides part way through (pre-arranged at my request as I was worried 23 days one on one would be too much), but within a couple of days it was evident that we clicked and we were able to continue the whole trip together.

Mohammed was fun, enthusiastic and made sure that I was comfortable and happy all the time. He found us great accomodations, great camping spots and hired us really great donkey/horse/yak men when it came to those parts of our itinerary. The food for the trekking component and the guesthouse/yurt/hotel components was really good- enough of it, good variety and no scrimping. After the 3 weeks I feel as though I have made a very good friend. Mohammed was also exceedingly kind and invited me to spend time in his home village with his family and friends. It was a really genuine gesture.

I had a total of 3 different drivers with 3 different vehicles. All great guys, personable, polite and good drivers. The vehicles were all in good shape.

The itinerary was excellent, it worked out really well and I had some truly amazing experiences. There was also flexibility which worked well. It is hard to pin down the highlights as there were so many but the homestay with Sharaf (donkey man on1st trek), the Fann Mountains trek, the goat camp, the hot springs at Garm Chasma, the Gunt Valley Trek, the Panjii River, our high altitude pass crazy dances, the Russian technopop in the car, Bartang Valley trekking, Alichur, the food, the tea, the many people, so much.....

I would definitely recommend Saidali, particularly Mohammed if you are able to request him. Bakhar, too, he was a fantastic driver.

It was an amazing intro to this part of the world.

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