I am Saidbek, native to Pamir region of Tajikistan. I have been working in tourism since 2009, as a porter in a trekking company then assistant's guide and step by step growing to a company which organizes soft and hard-type activity tours in Tajikistans Pamir and Fann mountains. We have a fleet of 4WD vehicles with English speaking drivers and experienced mountain guides. Our speciality is trekking, horseriding and Pamir Highway roadtrip tours. Our team consists of young, enthusiastic and dedicated guides and drivers offering professional trekking, horseback riding & yak riding tours in Tajikistan & Wakhan of Afghanistan.

Most of our guides are trained and certified by the University of Central Asia. Apart from the business we are engaged in social development activities in mountain areas, where we help local communities build bridges, restore shrines, put tourist signs and train homestay owners customer service. 

Here are some of the best tour products we have:

  1.  12 Days Pamir highway trip from Dushanbe to Osh
  2. 6 days trekking tour in Fann mountains
  3. 10 days trekking tour in central Pamirs around Yashilkul area or as we call this route - Bachor loop
  4. 5 days trekking tour to Grum Gurjimailo glacier
  5. 5-6 days horseback riding tour in Pamir
  6. 10 - 15 Days combined tours in Tajikistan and Wakhan of Afghanistan
  7. Day hiking trips to Dinisours footprints in Shirkent, Iskanderkul lake and Varzob gourge

We are looking forward to making your trip to Tajikistan memorable!


My skills, interests, and hobbies: I love painting, and I love traveling, and my passion is hiking.

Country: Tajikistan

Services in: Tajikistan

Role: Registered Tour company

Years of experience: 7

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18 received reviews (100% positive, 18/18)


The best trip ever from Khorog to Dushanbe via the Wakahan Valley and Afghanistan! Saidbek is simply fantastic, he recommend an amazing itinerary to travel in the Pamirs in winter, our driver Mir and car was perfect and the homestays were spectacular as well.

I was pressed for time and wanted to visit Afghanistan for this trip, before I confirmed my booking with Saidbek, he contacted the Afghan consulate to tell me exactly how much the visa would cost and how long it would take to get it. His partner Purdil met me when I arrived in Khorog and arranged the visa with lightning speed and even treated us to lunch and showed us around Khorog.

The homestays were all excellent, I had requested super warm rooms and all homestays made sure I was warm, well fed and well looked after.

Saidbek also has great contacts in Afghanistan, both on the Khorog and Sultan Ishkashim side, due to my Tajik second visa delay, I ended up crossing from the Khorog side and had a beautiful time with Masad and his family.

All through out the trip, Saidbek phoned up every day to make sure everything was ok. He went above and beyond to make sure we were enjoying our trip. I am so very grateful for his amazing service and would recommend him 1000%. He has really good contacts in every city it seems which was brilliant!

Looking forward to returning to Tajikstan sometime next year, Tajiks are one of the most genuine and heart based people I have ever met. Thanks again!

Lalarukh about listing Khorog to Dushanbe, afghanistan 2 months ago.
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I booked the pamir highway trip with Saidbek and from the first moment he was really helpful and accommodating. I went in November, despite lot of people telling me not to go and hence I had lot of doubts but Saidbek managed to clear my doubts and the trip went very smoothly with no problems what so ever. Saidbek has been incredibly helpful throughout my trip and I could contact him whenever I needed to. The guesthouses, car and procedure were all up to the mark. The driver was really nice, caring and is from pamir so knew his way around and got things done. Thank you Saidbek, for a trip I will never forgot. I recommend all users to choose Saidbek and go to pamir, it's one of the most beautiful places.

Shubham about listing Pamir highway 3 months ago.
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I decided to stay in Tajikistan after doing the Pamir Highway and I am so glad I did! Saidbek organised a fantastic itinerary for me for Dushanbe to Khujand. Saidbek met me on the first day for a hike in Shirkent and then I had another guide and driver to Khujand. Everything was very well organised - I had no problems, and the guide and driver were fantastic. Saidbek also checked in on me throughout the trip which was nice as well. Thanks for a great, fun trip in Tajikistan

Jenni about listing Dushanbe to Khujand 4 months ago.

I went for a Iskandarkul day trip.

Saidbek is good at English and rich in topics and I had a very good time. Not only the contents of the trip we decided in advance, he got my request.

He was the best guide. I would like to recommend him to everyone.

YUMI about listing Iskandarkul day trip 4 months ago.

It was an amazing 7-day trip through the Pamirs, many thanks!

We (a group of 4) most appreciated the great communication with Saidbek, both before and during the trip. He met with us in person before departure, gave us many tips and was reachable on the phone throughout the whole week. Certainly a very reliable and trustworthy provider. Our driver was also very kind, helpful and flexible, showed us the best places and was open to making small adjustments to the schedule. The trip itself was an unforgettable experience with amazing nature.

What would make such a trip even better, would be a English-speaking driver, especially if there is no Russian speaker in the group. Apart from that there were some problems with the car on the road that were still taken care of by our driver but could possibly be prevented. A small recommendation for groups of 4 people - go for the bigger car (6/7 seats). Three persons in the back is good for team bonding but not really comfortable.

Overall, a very positive experience and highly recommended!

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Saidbek managed and organized the trip well. He followed up the trip closely to ensure everything in the trip ran smoothly.

The driver is very helpful and professional. He is also open-minded about my suggestion on the trip.

Thanks to Saidbek and the driver, the trip is so memorable and I enjoyed the trip very much.

Anny about listing Rent a car & driver for 4-day Pamir 5 months ago.

Everything went smoothly! Saidbek organised all ground transportation and logistics for my friends and I who were travelling to Tajik for the first time. He was also often responsive to my questions prior to the trip, though I did feel that an area of improvement could really have been assessing the group’s needs to make certain suggestions in order for us to be better prepared for the trek we did in the Fann Mountains.

Saidbek spoke very fluent english and it was easy to communicate with him on matters. The guide we were allocated to on Fann Mountains, however could not manage more than a couple of sentences and it was sometimes difficult to ask questions about the country. That said, my friends and myself enjoyed ourselves plenty - Tajikistan is beautiful :)

Amanda about listing Tajikistan/ great lakes 5 months ago.

Saidbek was an incredible organiser and tailored our tour of the Fann Mountains to match our needs and budget.

He also went out of his way to also assist in purchasing tickets for the notoriously difficult flight to Khorog which for us went very well.

Strongly recommend Saidbek!

Patrick about listing Fann Mts Hiking 6 months ago.

We booked two tours with Saidbek : 6 days trek in the Fann Mountains and then a jeep + driver for the Pamir area. We had a great time.

Saidbek was helpful during our stay, good english and communication skills, he knows a lot because he was a guide, has a good network and can solve/fix any matters that can occur during a trip. it's worth following his advices! I recommend him if you plan going to those places.

What to improve : watch the time, and a little bit more of english speaking from the guides / driver provided :)


Excellent experience! Saidbek is very professional. He organized everything perfectly and the journey was great! We had a comfortable Toyota with an experienced driver, who was always ready to satisfy our requests. During the trip, Saidbek called everyday to know if everything was ok. I had some health problem and he was always careful and continued to inquire about my state of health even when I returned home.

Highly recommended!!

Raffaella about listing Tour in Tajikistan 6 months ago.

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