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I am Saidbek, native to Pamir region of Tajikistan. I have been working in tourism since 2009, as a porter in a trekking company then assistant's guide and step by step growing to a company which organizes soft and hard-type activity tours in Tajikistans Pamir and Fann mountains. We have a fleet of 4WD vehicles with English speaking drivers and experienced mountain guides. Our speciality is trekking, horseriding and Pamir Highway roadtrip tours. Our team consists of young, enthusiastic and dedicated guides and drivers offering professional trekking, horseback riding & yak riding tours in Tajikistan & Wakhan of Afghanistan.

Most of our guides are trained and certified by the University of Central Asia. Apart from the business we are engaged in social development activities in mountain areas, where we help local communities build bridges, restore shrines, put tourist signs and train homestay owners customer service. 

Here are some of the best tour products we have:

  1.  12 Days Pamir highway trip from Dushanbe to Osh
  2. 6 days trekking tour in Fann mountains
  3. 10 days trekking tour in central Pamirs around Yashilkul area or as we call this route - Bachor loop
  4. 5 days trekking tour to Grum Gurjimailo glacier
  5. 5-6 days horseback riding tour in Pamir
  6. 10 - 15 Days combined tours in Tajikistan and Wakhan of Afghanistan
  7. Day hiking trips to Dinisours footprints in Shirkent, Iskanderkul lake and Varzob gourge

We are looking forward to making your trip to Tajikistan memorable!


My skills, interests, and hobbies: I love painting, and I love traveling, and my passion is hiking.

Country: Tajikistan

Services in: Tajikistan

Role: Registered Tour company

Years of experience: 7

5 open listings

29 received reviews (100% positive, 29/29)


Saidbek organised a 7 day Pamir Highway trip from Osh to Dushanbe. The trip was very good- the scenery was amazing and we felt really welcomed by peiple in the Pamirs, being invited to have dinner at a local wedding party and tea with a family on different days. Our drivers were excellent and very friendly even though we spoke no Russian and they, little English. Saidbek arranged all our accommodation for us, which made the trip go smoothly. We highly recommend.

Liam about listing Pamir Highway 7 days 4 days ago.
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Saidbek organised our 3 days tour to the Fann mountains. I'm very happy with the service provided. The communication was very good and easy, no surprises. Saidbek called two times during our trip to ask if we are OK and everything is according to our expectations. We had very good driver - Maruf, who also provided to us a lot of information about the region and the peoples life and traditions. Thank you Saidbek and Maruf! Highly recommend Saidbek services.


Everything went perfect! Very good communication, Saidbek speaks excelent English, replies soon, offered the best price and the driver and car were good, arrived one day before to be sure he will be there on time.

Thanks Saidbek!


Our experience from Kyrgyzstan (Osh) to Tajikistan under the planning of Saidbek was not only excellent, but superb!! Although we didn't get the chance to meet him in person, everything that we had planned "virtually" with him through the internet went on smoothly.

One aspect that made him stand out from the rest of our past experiences was his care and concern for his guests. Every evening (when we have phone service access), Saidbek would call us to ask how everything went for the day, and to confirm what we were going to do the next day, which was then related to our driver, to avoid any misunderstanding due to language problem.

The driver who was assigned to us, Salibuy, is excellent and the best! He is a very experienced driver (and mechanic of his own car!!) and took us through the Pamir Highway, Wakhan Valley and Bartang Valley, like a true professional.

Overall, our experience has been an unforgettable one. In a country like Tajikistan, where many things can turn out to be different from that as planned (due to high elevation and unpredictable weather conditions), it is best to take it easy and go with the flow, which was what we did. Saidbek was far from us physically, but he fixed everything for us by just a phone call. Sometimes, he amazed us by what he did!! We can highly recommend this exceptional "fixer"/guide to all intending to visit his beautiful country. You will not regret it!!

Argyrios about listing Trip for Argy & Hannisze in July 2019 21 days ago.

Saidbek organized us 5 days trekking trip in the Fann mountains and 8 days journey through Pamir highway. Everything was great. In the Fann mountains food was plenty and our English speaking guide and the donkey owner took very good care for us. The scenery was beautiful and we really enjoyed the trekking.

In the Pamirs Saidbek tailored a good itinerary for us and was very attentive to our needs. Our driver Mir was for sure the best you could have and we had a very knowledgeable English speaking guide, Navrusbek travelling with us which made things smooth and easy. The car was comfortable and spacious and the guest houses Saidbek booked for us were much better than we expected. Saidbek also called us every day to make sure everything was ok.

I can highly recommend Saidbek and his team.


I choose to work with Saidbek on the site for two reasons:

-He really try to understand my project and want I wanted to do in Tadjikistan instead off proposing me classic tours.

-He was replying quickly, in a good English and his messages were very clear.

During the trip, here are the points that we really appreciated:

-He always try to find a solution with a reasonable price for both part the tourist and him. We feel that he's a really honest person with good intentions and not focused on profit.

-When we were in a bad situation he was here to arrange everything and find solutions even if it wasn't his fault at all. (shared transport broke on the middle of the road from Dushanbe to Khorog...)

-He responds to phone at any time of the day and he arranges everything with his drivers (or hosts in guesthouses) in an amazing way.

-Hr's always calm and nice at phone.

And the most important: everything went as we planned so our trip is a big success and he's partly responsible for that success!

A word for his drivers:

Sarwar was smiling all the time, trying to explain us things on the road and always paying attention for our comfort.

He is an amazing driver as you are an amazing organizer.

I can't do anything but highly recommend every tourist to organize their tour with him!


Camille about listing Pamir driving 23 days ago.

We did a combination trek/driving tour of the Fann Mountains. Saidbek was a pleasure to work with; he was very responsive to all of our questions, in constant communication throughout our tour and did everything he could to ensure we had the best experience. The trekking part of our tour was fantastic and our porter was extremely kind and knew the route well. Despite not speaking a common language, we really enjoyed our time hiking with the porter. Not having our own gear was a bummer, but the gear Saidbek provided turned out to be everything we needed for a comfortable camping experience, including sleeping bags! The only downside was that the majority of the food provided was expired and not the best quality. Luckily, we made it work with what we had and no one went hungry. I would definitely recommend Saidbek for anyone looking to plan a hiking trip in the Fann Mountains or other areas of Tajikistan.

Jessica about listing Fann Mountain Trek 1 month ago.
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Saidbek planned the trek thoroughly, had very good communication and showed an ability to be flexible when changes to our program were required. His on-ground operators Spehir, Isfan and Moscav were caring, knowledgeable and attentive to every need. Importantly to us, they also regarded safety as the number one priority on our trek. A great trip in a magnificent country. Thank you

Ian about listing Fann Mountain Hike - Saidbek 1 month ago.

The 7 day Wakhan trip went exactly to plan. Everything was done as written by Saidbek to the last detail.

I had the pleasure to share the trip with Alek (a very knowledgeable local guide) and Mir (a very friendly and competent local driver).

The trip was the right mix of sightseeing and small hiking that I asked for so I am very happy with the whole experience and can recommend Saidbek and his colleagues 100%.

My feelings are that 7 days are not enough to do justice for this excursion. If I could make a change it would be to extend the trip to 10 days and include 2 days or so in Afghanistan. Perhaps it would be interesting to have more experience directly on the silk road.

In future I would be interested to also see a tour "in the footsteps of Alexander the Great" across central asia. These are just a few ideas however I am 100% satisfied with my tour and can recommend others to book their tour with Saidbek.

Best wishes


David about listing Wakhan trip 4 months ago.
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Everything was great! Saidbek organized for us an amazing trip with a great guide - Bobo. We had a wonderful time and were able to discover the beauty of the Fann Mountains. He tailored the trip for us and made sure that everything is satisfying. Definitely recommended! :)

Maria about listing Fann Mountains 4 months ago.
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