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I am a typical Mongolia tour guide. I was born and grew up in western Mongolia. In the province of Bayan-Olgii, the land is famous for its magnificent Altai Mountains and nomadic eagle hunter's. A lot of years I have been working for bigger travel companies. And now doing it with the help of INDYGUIDE.

I believe that it is good for the traveller and to me. It is like a Win-Win. Travellers can make an ideal tour with a local guide and we are also happy to guide our guests. I am very easy to conversate and can offer you a best-planned tour itinerary based on your wishes. Hope to see you! if you may have any questions just let me know, I will respond with detailed information ASAP!


My skills, interests, and hobbies: I was growing up in the nomadic family. So, like every nomadic kid, i was helping to family to take care of animals. And, i always happy to provide my guest not only to see nature but also explore the nomadic cultures, traditions and way of living. My skills? umm, i think i have the skill to make a tour unforgettable. What do we need to make an ideal tour? The guide who loves his job and have experience. I am really proud of my work. Thank for INDYGUIDE that now i have a chance connect with travellers from around the world.

Country: Mongolia

Services in: Mongolia

Role: Certified/licensed Guide

Years of experience: 6

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Liang Yuh

Dauren is the best guide in the region as I feel that he is very resourceful and experienced. He is very well connected with the locals in Bayan ölgii and Altai region, as well as the other guides, and Nomads in Western Mongolia. As such, he's able to prepare the trip really well for my friend and I. Our whole trip went very smoothly without any hiccups (except for weather which we can't really control).

The best thing about Dauren is he will bring us to places that are less explored. For example, on our trek to the base camp, we took a different path from other travellers and it offered a more beautiful scenery (no kidding). And we took a different path on the way back too, so we could witness two different sceneries from one trek. I would definitely recommend Dauren as your guide if you love trekking.

Also, Dauren and our cook, Sikhun were always fishing for us whenever there's a river or lake so we got to eat not just mutton but fishes and they were really fresh.

Dauren is also really sweet as he would wake up at 3-4am to make fire for us in the Ger when it got too cold. Once, there was not enough wood and he even chopped some wood before making the fire. Which guide will do this for you?

Dauren is also very knowledgeable with his history. He showed us many archaeological remains such as tombstones from the stonemen as well as petroglyphs that are 3000 years old.

We had a really memorable trip with Dauren and we definitely recommend him as a guide for your Altai tour.

Liang Yuh about listing Western Mongolia 2 months ago.
Missing Sirishom

We, 2 girls, planed to travel Altai Mountains and booked a 6-day tour with Dauren. He also helped us check flight schedule and called us in the middle of the night before we fly to Ulgii. He's really nice.

He came to pick us once we arrived Ulgii airport. It's like meeting with a friend not the tour guide :) We didn't have any camping equipment, Dauren then prepared everything for us.

Days we spent on Altai Tavan Bogd National Park were unforgettable! We met Milky Way and Lunar Eclipse with Mars at the first night. The camera is a must!

We went for hiking to the Base Camp. Don't forget to bring sweater and waterproof shoes. At the Base Camp we could see many peaks including "Khuiten Peak" the highest peak of Mongolia.

The Khoton Lake that we swam. This place's really wide and more grassy than Base Camp, the mosquitoes and insects are everywhere with you. The mosquito repellent would be savior.

And the Eagle Hunter family camp that warmly welcomed us in their Ger. Be prepared to get stunning in true traditional culture and the kids!

These were all amazing. Just few people live in this western most area, no electricity, no internet, no phone signal. This's what it's called NATURE. Dauren's a professional and well-knowledge that always gave us details and information related everywhere we visited.

It was 5 of us (my friend and I, Dauren, a driver, a cook), it's like travelling with friends. The driver and the cook were not speaking English, but they wholeheartedly tried to communicate with us all time. The driver even sang traditional Kazakh songs for us.

After the descent from Altai Tavan Bogd, we had a chance to stay in Ger at Dauren's home. His team, his family, and he himself did make us feel at ease and comfortable. And again, it felt like home of a friend.

If you're seeking for a tour guide in Altai Tavan Bogd, I recommend this one.

Missing Husna

It was after leaving Mongolia I realised that I could go with any guide but Dauren and his team were the ones making the trip extra special.

We are undergraduate students trying to have a taste of other countries so the short yet compact tour customized for us was extremely well done (only 4 days and 3 nights!) In fact, I love how Dauren didn't keep us under him all the time but let us to explore things on our own. Most of the times when we were so tired or so cold and not wanting to get out from the van he would willingly set up our tents (thank you). The cook and the driver are highly skillful! Never thought that we could have such lovely cooked food up in the mountains!

We are so far his youngest group he has ever received and we indeed felt like kids surrounded by adults hence my excitement while writing this because I need everyone to know that Dauren and his team will welcome you to Mongolia in their friendliest, most welcoming, unforgettable ways.

The next time I come I'll make sure I can already speak Kazakh :)))

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