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We are licensed tour operators with experienced and new guides who provide both custom and package tours. We cater to families, couples, groups and solo travelers primarily of middle-income background. Our temperament is relaxed, family-oriented, and joyful. We are sensitive towards your safety and wellness; and hold respect for ethics and environment.


Pakistan's New E-Visa Policy 
The Government of Pakistan announced new E-Visa policy in January 2019 to promote tourism in Pakistan. 

175 Countires can now get E-Visa to Pakistan. Duration of Visa approval is 7-10 Days. Search your country by signing up on the link below.

E-Visa Online Application

Required Documents for E-Visa:
1- Photograph
2- Passport
3- Invitation Letter by the sponsor or hotel booking details in case of individual tourist
4- Invitation Letter in case of group by the tour operator designated by the department of tourist services 

For E-Visa on Arrival, please submit your intent to travel 48-72 hours before travel to receive an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA).

Processing Time: 
E-Visa on Arrival - 48 hours 
E-Visa - 7-10 days once it is active

Source: Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Interior 


My skills, interests, and hobbies: Travel, Music, Adventure Trips, Mountain Guide, Trekking, Culture and Tradition.

Country: Pakistan

Trip Request for: Pakistan

Role: Registered Tour company

Years of experience: 10

11 open listings

2 received reviews (100% positive, 2/2)


Me and my friends had a great time with Saleem’s cousin (Safdar, also called “Khasan”) and the best driver in the world for two weeks. I contacted him several months in advance to plan my trip and he was very quick and informative in replying to all my requests, and the information provided was in full compliance with the services rendered later.

Khasan has a wealth of historical and cultural knowledge and shared his experience as well as Pakistan culture.

He is tireless and an amazing mountain man: he guided us to Nanga Parbat base camp and in other trekking safely.

He speaks perfectly English and can answer any questions about Pakistan. He has a comfortable minivan with AC for 11 people.

We stopped in several local restaurants and tasted local pakistan cuisine. We are feeling very happy with this trip and have great impressions about it! The price for services is also reasonable.

He was the best guide we could have and I can absolutely recommended Khasan and his driver!

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We have a had a great tour with Saleem and his staff! despite some inconvenience the guide was able to find alternative itineraries and the trip was great anyway! Pakistan is one the most beautiful country in the world and I'll come back for sure next year to do more trekking in the mountains with Saleem! Thanks for all guys!

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