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This is Saleh. Since 1999 step into wilderness adventurer and brought up in the lap of mountains. I did whole trekking hiking and serve as expedition guide since 1999. 

As from early childhood Trained for mountains to find paths on glaciers rivers Streams and familiar with nature. I completed my every necessary training as Firts aid ice climbing .fixing rops etc .

Many of world famous climbers as well as high officels i served as a guide

I`m a third generation tour guide of Hunza Nagar, my grandfather and my father were also tour guides. My favourite topics are archaeology, architecture, art and history of Gilgit Baltistan and Asia. I´m looking for a chance to show travelers my beautiful city and my amazing country, specially Gilgit baltistan wich is a cultural destination.Historically and culturally famous in all over the world .I am delighted to take my friends very near to the nature and traditional way.
What I offer
I can design and perform tailor made tours for travelers, ranging from walking tours to several day tours combining Gilgit Baltistan and cities of Pakistan Islamabad Lahore karachi ect , I´m a flexible person so my tours can be adapted to your personal needs or preferences. Transportation for tourists in Mexico has to be approved by the Federal government, I offer that feature with PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE not just on a private car like everybody else, beside certified first Aid person and certified driver by the Federal Government, so I offer real authorized transportation on day trips in and outside Gilgit Baltistan Hunza Pakistan.I am well expert in trekking too . As Rush Lake Rakaposhi Base Diran Base ,Nanga Parbet K2 base camp trekkings

My Background, Licenses and certificates
I have been a tour guide for 20 years and I have the license for general tour guiding issued by Gilgit baltistan Tourism Ministry #N and registration #550 in GB tourism board. My car has the proper permission issued by the er of Hunza Nagar District for passenger transportation and therefore you´ll travel in it with proper way.

My skills, interests, and hobbies: Skiing. Trekking spciality all about Gilgit Baltistan Hunza Nagar . Etc

Country: Pakistan

Trip Request for: Pakistan, China

Role: Certified/licensed Guide

Years of experience: 20

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Last seen 1 month ago