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Kazakhstan became a homeland for people of different nationalities and religions, united by a common historical destiny. This diversity of traditions, spiritual heritage and languages ​​in the Republic of Kazakhstan is particularly cherished, as the Japanese proverb says: "A person can survive without his relatives, but he can not survive without neighbors."

Citizens of Kazakhstan are proud of their multinational state. For centuries, from generation to generation in Kazakhstan, a good tradition of friendship and good relations between nations has been passed and maintained.

The beauty of nature in Kazakhstan is difficult to describe in words. Even the most adventurous traveler will discover in Kazakhstan many interesting and beautiful: mountain peaks covered with snow, vast plateaus, deep rivers, arid deserts, endless fields, covered with flowers and protected forests.

Welcome to Kazakhstan!

To get acquainted with amazing traditions, amazing nature, skilful plexus of ancient and modern, you do not necessarily want to go around the world: come to Kazakhstan. Here they are able to meet guests, and you will feel the warmth of the country in the heart of Eurasia.

My skills, interests, and hobbies: Опытный экскурсовод со знанием истории Казахстана, огромный опыт в путешествиях, имеются несколько 4х4 внедорожников оборудованных для путешествий и экспедиций. Встреча гостей оплачивается отдельно 30$

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Samir made me have a wonderful time in the beautiful Almaty region. The travel, accomodation and food were amazing and he told me a lot about the country. Hope to come back and make an other tour with him!

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