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Hi guys, Welcome to Uzbekistan!

I'm Sanjar, 32-year-old guy from Fergana. I'm interested in meeting with people coming from different backgrounds. Eager to navigate you in my hometown and neighbouring areas.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me anytime.

Sincerely yours,

My skills, interests, and hobbies: Skills: Negotiation Interests: Sports, movies Hobbies: Reading books, traveling, photography..

Country: Uzbekistan

Trip Request for: Uzbekistan

Role: Individual/Freelancer

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Sanjar is one of the most friendliest person I've ever communicated before a trip. He is extremely helpful (even in times of Covid-19) and communication was always easy and a great pleasure! I can highly recommend his services!


Sanjar bought several train tickets for us. Everything went perfectly smooth and very quick. As it became obvious that because of the Corona Virus no tourists will be able to travel to Usbekistan during the time we were supposed to visit the country, he himself contacted us and offered to return the tickets for us. After cancelling the tickets for us, he refund the money to our bank account.

I can absolutely reccomend his service! 100% TRUSTWORTHY.

Verena about listing Booking of Train Tickets in Uzbekistan 3 months ago.

Excellent, sanjar was really helpful, got everything sorted, straightforward experience

Andy about listing 20 USD Train tickets 4 months ago.

Sanjar bought tickets for four trains. Everything was making very fast. He was all time in touch.

Radoslaw about listing Tickets for trains in Uzbekistan 5 months ago.

Someone could be trusted. Think and help until everything went smoothly. I would like to recommend you to all my friends and networks. Wel done and excellent service. Thank you.

William about listing Afrosiyab tickets 5 persons Z- fee 7 months ago.

Sanjar was extremely professional and communicative in helping us buy train tickets in Uzbekistan. Everything went smoothly on our journey. I would strongly recommend him to anyone trying to purchase train tickets in Uzbekistan.

Omer about listing Train tickets 7 months ago.

Sanjor is nice! He patiently help us successfully book the train ticets! It is reliable.

QingYi about listing book train tickets 7 months ago.

Sanjar bought the Uzbkistan Railways train ticket for us.

At present Uzbekistan Railways online ticket site only accepts domestic Uzbekistan cards for payment making it very difficult for foreigners to purchase train e-tickets.

However Sanjar purchased them for us. Not only did he purchase them but exactly the ones we wanted to purchase: date,time, car number, seat number.

The communication was smooth and in no time he sent us the e-ticket. Very efficient.

I highly recommend Sanjar's service for those who want to purchase Uzbekistan Railways tickets.

Thank you Sanjar!


Sanjar is a responsible guide. Despite the early morning hiccups with his car, he managed to switch the transport mode immediately to fast train and we are on track to our destination. We had a great time visiting some tourist sites, workshops, markets and even the local home. Thanks Sanjar for a wonderful experience.

Surina about listing 2 days tour to Fergana Valley 9 months ago.

Sanjar was well organized and helpful. I really enjoyed his company and the company of his friend, our driver. I only had a short time in the Fergana valley but he helped me make the most of my time and we saw a lot in one day. He also kindly offered to take me to the train station the next morning for the 7am train.

I would recommend sanjar if you want to see the Fergana valley.

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