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Last seen 8 months ago

Country: Japan

Trip Request for: Kazakhstan

About my trip: Cooking, Clubbing, Activities for solo traveller

Travel month: June 2018

Number of persons: 1

Status: Booked

3 received reviews (100% positive, 3/3)


My dear Seira,

Thanks a lot for your warmest words. It was very nice to meet you in Almaty and enjoy a dinner together. You are a very kind and really sweet person! Always welcome to Almaty and most welcomed to visit your second family !

All the best,

Your Kazakh family :)


Dear Ms. Seira,

Thank you so much for your kindest words! We are very happy that you had a good time and took back with you only positive! We also had a big pleasure to deal with you! Hope you will come back to Kazakhstan !


Best regards,

Asel and Chingiz


Thanks, Seira!

It's was nice to meet you and be your guide in Almaty. You are the first person from Japan that I met, who fluently speaks Turkish :)

And you and your friends are always welcome!

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Last seen 8 months ago