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Jeep tours in Kazakhstan and Central Asia

/ Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tadzhikistan - Pamir /


We are happy to open for you the diversity and beauty of nature, history and cultural heritage of Kazakhstan and other countries of Central Asia. Our land is really unique. In one day, you can visit the hot sands of Muyun Kum a few hours later you can be at the foot of the snowy peaks of Tien Shan and you enjoy the mountain . Our trips are not limited by a strict plan, we can change them on the route according to your wishes.


We offer the following services:


1. Individual trips with a properly prepared off-road car, in Kazakhstan and Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan). From short day trips to long routes for many days. Due to the request of tourists accommodation in tents (as part of the tour we provide all necessary camping equipment) in private homes or in hotels. The cost of the trip includes transport, fuel, guide services, camping equipment (tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, dishes, table, chairs, gas burners, meals at the discretion of the clients).

We provide full comfort and safety.

2. The cost of trips varies depending on the length of the route, the number of people and special wishes of customers. It ranges from 15 to 60 dollars per person per day.

3. Multi-day trips may include several countries: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan as well as Uzbekistan, Tajikistan - Pamir. You can start and end the trip anywhere. Almaty - Karakol - Bishkek

4. One-day trips in the Almaty region.

5. For hiking enthusiasts, we offer climbs to the Zailiysky Alatau peaks, the summit of the great Alma-Ata 3680, the top of Tour 3954 and others according to your desire.

5. We can organize hunting or fishing according to the individual wishes of the client

6. We also offer transfers: Almaty - Karakol - Bishkek and to any other place, hotels in the country, tourist bases, cities and national borders, etc.

7. Flying on a gyroplane and gliders.

8. Country picnics. Bicycle tours.

My skills, interests, and hobbies: My name is Sergey. I am a guide-driver with a very big background! I have been working in tourism for over ten years. I was born and raised in Kazakhstan, in the city of Almaty. I love my country, nature and people who live in it. I want to share all my experience and knowledge with tourists and show them as many places as possible, as well as nature, animals, tradition, and the everyday life of my countrymen. I have a fleet of fully prepared off-road vehicles. Four- and seven-passenger vehicles adapted to difficult and several-day routes. These are four-wheel drive vehicles with air conditioning, a roof rack and a full set of camping equipment. I conduct tours in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan without any limitations. I have a team of my colleagues who are always ready to help in different situations (if there are more than seven tourists, we can always arrange a caravan of three or more SUV-s)

Country: Kazakhstan

Services in: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Russia

Role: Certified/licensed Guide

Years of experience: 10

22 open listings

33 received reviews (100% positive, 33/33)


Everything went very well in our tour with Sergey. He is very knowledgeable and experienced as a guide and his vehicle is definitely up to the job of driving in the Kazakh and Kyrgyz mountains. Everything was well organised and ran very smoothly. We would happily recommend Sergey to anyone looking for a reliable guide for the region.

Declan about listing Almaty-Karakol 2 Day Tour 1 month ago.

Sergey was an amazing guide who was very accommodating and attentive. His experience was evident as he navigated the roads with his trusty four-wheel drive van. My wife and I have five young children, and Sergey helped them to have an amazing experience. Kaindy Lake, Kolsai Lake, and the homestay in the village Saty, complete with traditional Kazakh cooking that included delicious manty, were all just amazing. The highlight for our family was Charyn canyon. It was simply incredible. I highly recommend Sergey as the tour he provided was just amazing. If you really want to experience some of the best that Kazakhstan has to offer, go with Sergey and you will not be disappointed!

Kevin about listing 2 Day Tour 5 months ago.

Everything went really well. Communication with Sergey was very easy, he planned the 2 days trip thoughtfully. Our driver Pavel spoke some words German, no English but communication was no problem at all as he was very attentive, accommodative, considerate, experienced and friendly. The road (?) was partly really rougn, but he was a great driver and the car was a very good one (plus comfortable), too. We stayed a night a Kamays guesthouse which is highly recommended, too. Thank you, Sergey!

Monika about listing 2 day tour starting October, 7th 5 months ago.

Sergey was a great guide! Nothing to complain.

Picked me up at the land border between Kazakhstan and Kyrgstan and from there we did a 3 day-2 night tour. Very good driver and was very open to any suggestion in the tour. Also was very helpful with requests – I wanted to drive an old Lada and he arranged it easily. The car was perfect for the road conditions. Guesthouse was very clean and people there were also very nice.

I definitely recommend Sergey as a guide.

Lucas about listing 14-16 sep (Sergey-Lucas) 5 months ago.

We were on a 3 day tour with Sergey from Almaty to Karakol. We had a rough idea what we wanted to do and see, and Sergey arranged an excellent itinerary for us. He is very knowledgeable about the area, showed us some wonderful spots off the beaten track, and is a safe and courteous driver. He is obviously very passionate about the outdoors and was very well prepared for our trip. We had a great time, definitely recommended!


We spent several days only my sister and I with the amazing Sergey in August. Honestly, if you're looking for a proper guide who is not afraid of showing you the real country and its hidden landscapes, you definitely have to book Sergey as your guide. We had an amazing trip thanks to him : Sergey is adventurous, fearless, funny and takes good care of your needs. He perfectly planned hikings, breaks and visits of some unknown small cities. You will discover the country not from the tourist eyes but from the kazakh point of view. And he's a good cook if you chose the tent's option :) I will definitely recommand you his services !

Amandine about listing Pinel Amandine 7 months ago.

Used rather old and uncomfortable replacement vans as his better ones were supposedly out of service. No compensation offered. Other than that: service fine and Charyn is an awesome place to visit nevertheless.

Hans about listing Tour to Charyn Canyon 09 August 2018 7 months ago.

Sergey recommended us different guide, Dorzh. We are group of 6 friens and we traveled with Dorzh for 4 days through Altyn Emel and canyons. Those were our best days in Kazachstan!

Dorzh is real rebel! Traveling with him was adventure, but of the best kind. He quickly understood that we like hiking and special experience, a bit extreme, and he took us to beatiful places, where we could explore the unusual landscape of Altyn Emel and canyons.

He took us to the very top of Aktau, the white mountains, which was probably the most bueatiful experience. We climbed Singing dunes, than discover not only Charyn canyon (place full of tourists), but also all side canyons such as Timerlik, Yellow Canyon and Moon landscape, where we were completely alone!

We slept in tents under stars, always near source of water (rivers, fountains...) - it was very pleasant to have a "bath" after whole dusty day on desert/canyon. Dorzh cooked us the best vegeterian meals we had in Kazachstan - he is great cook, thank you! His porridge for breakfast was unforgetable.

And he helped us to understand that distances in kazachstan are completely different than in Europe = 100km can take a whole day in car and 2km can be 4hours hard hike :) This was valuable lesson. But thanks to his amazing comfortable car and to his driving experience we could manage everything much quicker. Dorzh took us by car even to the places where we would be afraid by foot!

So if you don´t want only to sit in a car but you want to experience the country more by yourself, we really recommend Dorzh for your guide. You´ll have fun, promise :)

Ivana about listing Altyn emel and Charyn Canyon 7 months ago.
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Sergey is an excellent driver and a very experienced guide. We felt very safe all the time, including on off-road trips and sleeping in the tent he provided us. he speaks English enough to communicate. He is really very helpful. We just didn’t go to one of the of the arranged places (one lake) but we completely understood it was too far away. we had a great and unforgettable time and definitely recommend Sergey as a guide in Kazakhstan!

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We are a group of 16 people traveling through south Kazahstan for 4 days. Sergey and his team picked us up in Karakol in Kyrgistan and we visited Charyn canyon and Altyn Emel national park. Everything was great, we had a wonderful time and we will definetly come back :-)

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