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I am a 32 year old certified guide from Kyrgyzstan, in love with nature, mountains,and extreme sports.I worked as a mountain rescue in Nepal and Kyrgyzstan for several years and love helping others. I will make sure you are safe throughout your trip and enjoy your time in Kyrgyzstan. I will be glad to show you around this beautiful country and to meet people from around the world! My tourists are always my friends. I speak French, English and Russian and will do my best to make your vacation wonderful!

My skills, interests, and hobbies: Mountaineering, trek, snowboard, mountain bike, boxing, aikido & hanging out with tourists :)

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Services in: Kyrgyzstan

Role: Certified/licensed Guide

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I cannot provide enough words of praise for Sergey and the unbelievable trip we shared in Kyrgyzstan. We hiked, horse rode and camped in the most beautiful mountains around Ala-too, Lake Keltor, Gorge Kegete, Chong Kemin, Kokarcha, Boom Gorge and Mt Kemin. We visited the Borana Tower and also made the Nomad Games to see Moscow vs Kyrgyzstan Kok-Boru which was amazing. We also Kayaked on Issykul Lake and visited the Osh Markets back in Bishkek. My personal experience with Kyrgyz people, country and culture was great.

Sergey made my trip easy to plan long before I even arrived, he provided answers to all my inquiries promptly, he was very professional and knowledgeable throughout the trip providing information on each leg of the journey in perfect English. The trip was perfectly planned and well priced, every day was perfectly planned and stress free.

I came to the country for an awesome adventure and experience, I left with both and additionally made a great new friend (Sergey) that I will definitely be touring with again one day. He is an experienced alpinist, mountaineer, camper, climber and hiker, he is kind, great fun and great to travel with. Our driver, Murat, was also a great guy, he also made for a good travel companion. I highly recommend Sergey for any trips throughout the Kyrgyz region, you will not be disappointed, and I am sure you will also find a new friend in Sergey once you meet him just as I did.

Dale about listing World Nomad Game Short Tour 3 months ago.
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Thank you Sergey for the most memorable hiking in Ala Archa..i look forward coming back to Kyrgyzstan


I did a one-day trip to Ala Archa with Sergey, and everything was very good. Sergey is an excellent guide, and took care of me very well. Happy to recommend him.

Steven about listing Ala Archa glacier hike 3 months ago.

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