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Hey, dear future or current visitor to my beloved and mysterious homeland - Kazakhstan! My name is Serj (my English-style nickname). I welcome you from the bottom of my heart to one of most unknown countries of the world and very much hope to meet you soon! I can help you experience it inside out from the perspective of a local person who also understands your mentality very well.

A little bit about myself. I am a global citizen. I believe that the "The Earth is but one country and mankind its citizens". I do not only love my country but also love the rest of the world, and I very much hope to visit as many countries as I can!

So far, I have been to 30 countries, 30 states in the USA, lived in North America, Britain and Scandinavia for extended periods of time, completed two postgraduate degrees in Europe and have friends and family across the world.

Now, while in Kazakhstan, I have a double feeling. I miss my internationally oriented life and at the same time would like to introduce my home city and country to the foreign tourists. Why not to cooperate then? Let’s get in touch. We both have what we need. 


My skills, interests, and hobbies: tourism, guitar playing, singing, collections, road trips, volunteering, sports

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