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Salom, dear traveller! Glad to, possibly, welcome you to the  country of hospitable people.

My name is Shahboz (briefly Boz). I was born in 1990 in s rural area in the north of Tajikistan. My first 18 years were spent breathing fresh  air of my village while working in the field and taking care of cattles. However, I didn't miss my education; I went to school in my village. Since childhood I was encouraged by my grandfather to study hard. He persuaded me to study English as "English would be butter on my bread".

However, I liked history, geography, Persian literature and religious studies along with English. It is worth noting that I was not very bright student; I didn't like physical training and chemistry.

After finishing the school I left culturally conservative atmosphere of my village and entered Khujand State University in Khujand, Northern Tajikistan. I studied English there. The studies were going well and one day.... I recall that day as one of important events in my life. We were discussing the life and activities of the founder of Persian Classical Literature, Rudaki during a class.

My teacher who had part-time job in a tour-agency told me that she noticed I have specific interest in history, geography and literature and suggested to be assistant guide. To be hones, I had no idea of what tourism is. However, I agreed because I was looking for opportunity to practice my English. Later during the period when I was working as assistant guide, tour guide for city tours and short trips I just 'fell in love' with this profession.

Meanwhile I got married after graduation from the university (I had an arranged marriage but this is in itself a different long story to share with you when we meet). I went on with my guiding activity and ended up becoming freelance tour guide. Geography of my guiding covers the entire Tajikistan and I am ready to help travellers if they have requests regarding other "Indy Guide countries" as much as I can.

At the end I just want to remind you that my travellers leave Tajikistan with wonderfull memories and unusual impressions and on top of that with a friend in Tajikistan always to rely on.

Country: Tajikistan

Trip Request for: Tajikistan

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Travel month: January 2019

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