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Hello, my name is Shamil, I am a driver and guide from Murgab (Tajikistan, GBAO).

I can be a driver and a guide at the same time, I can help you with all the details of your trip to Pamir of Tajikistan or to Kyrgyzstan.

Let me tell you this, Murgab is located comfortably right in the middle of Dushanbe and Bishkek so it is very easy for me to take you either from Bishkek or Dushanbe.

I can organize tours both in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan and being a native of Murgab I speak both languages Kyrgyz and Tajik. Using many years of experience, I can help you with other things such as trekking, horseriding, Yak riding and folk shows as well, just let me know.

Your trip to Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan is all about enjoying your time and being carefree with me. See you!

My skills, interests, and hobbies: Travel, autodrive, fishing, making ploff.

Country: Tajikistan

Trip Request for: Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan

Role: Certified/licensed Guide

Years of experience: 13

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Shamil, gave me an excellent 10 day tour from Osh and returning to Osh. There were many wow, moments each day. The scenery, people, culture ,history, wildlife, the mountains,the Murgab plateau, all incredible.

Thank you Shamil, my memories will last a lifetime.

Ken about listing Osh To Osh ..11days in October. 8 months ago.

We traveled with Shamil throughout Tajikistan. Starting in Osh and ending in panjakent.

The entire tour went super smooth thanks to Shamils exceptional proffesionalism. He managed to make our tour through this harsh enviorement feel super easy and comfortable. Shamil car is very comfortable added up by his relaxed and responsible driving. Shamil easily took care of all organizational issues (accommodation, breakfast coordinating , police posts, flat tires ) leaving us to enjoy the view. On top of everything, Shamil is always fun to talk to, providing abundance of information about sites and Tajikistan in general. To sum it all, he is highly recommended, you can truly trust Shamil to make you time in Tajikistan fun, safe and interesting.

Ilana about listing Osh to Dushanbe 9 months ago.
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Me and my husband are so happy we found Shamil. He made our Pamir experience unforgetable. Not only he knew many hidden, special places wich we couldnt have found by ourselves, but he also has friends everywhere:). He organized for us to stay with nomad Families in remote places and always made sure that we can hike up some hills for nice panorama views:). Last but not the least he made all arrangements to provide us with very tasty vegetarian food which is otherwise not so easy in Kirgistan and Tajikistan. We recommend Shamil wholeheartedly to anyone looking for an individual travel experience.

Ana about listing Pamir Highway August 6th - August 18th 11 months ago.
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We had a tour with Shamil from Osh to Khujand over 8 days. Shamil is an experienced driver who knows the region well. He is reliable and friendly. We had a good time with him on the Pamir Highway.

We wish Shamil all the best on his way through the potholes of the Pamir region.

Regards Thomas (Berlin)

Thomas about listing Osh to Khujand 12 months ago.

We are on our last day of the trip with Shamil, and he has been amazing so far. He drives very safely and has very good contacts in the pamir region. He helped me get an awesome guide for my day trip to Afghanistan as well.

I highly recommend him for a journey in the pamir region. He is one of the best guides (if not the best) around.

Romel about listing Pamir Highway + Afghanistan 1 years ago.
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Had an amazing 6 days travelling through the Pamir Highway with Shamil as our driver/guide. Having been in the industry for 12 years, Shamil is well connected and well equipped (think potential car breakdowns) for a journey through the Pamir. The accomodations that he books for us are great, and often has beautiful views. We travelled through the Wakhan Valley and Shamil ensured that we stopped at viewpoints/ attractions along the way - even though every point along the highway is picturesque. Shamil also constantly asked if we were okay with the meals/ guest houses, and enthusiastically answers any queries we have about the Pamir. These 6 days with Shamil have definitely been the highlight of my Central Asia trip.

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Kyung hi

I with my husband had been travelled Pamir high way from 24th April for 9days from Dushanbe to Osh.

Shamil was driver and guide during this time and we found he is one of best driver and great guide with good communication skill. He tried his best to show beautiful n wonderful nature n their culture.

We had a great time with his family, specifically his youngest son, during overnight stay at his house.

The road conditions on the way border between Tajikistan n Kyrgyzstan, around 50km, was very dangerous. Heavy snow n foggy made us very successful but his driving skill n powerful Nissan patrol provided peaceful n wonderful mind to enjoy nature.

I strongly recommend Shamil to anyone have a plan to trip pamir highway.

만약 한국분이 보신다면 "안녕하세요 "

아름답고 경이로운 여행 계획을 세우고 계시면 Shamil을 추천합니다. 아주 좋은 운전자겸 가이드 입니다.

Kyung hi about listing Pamir hw tour 1 years ago.
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Shamil was a really great driver and guide that expertly facilitated our 8 day Pamir highway trip. We are a group of 4 young women from Canada who travelled from Osh to Dushanbe. Shamil was very attentive the entire time to our needs and wants, going out of his way to ensure we felt safe and comfortable and that we were able to see all the highlights of the Pamir Highway. He booked all of our accommodation and arranged all of our food in addition to arranging a day of hiking. All of the accommodations and food were excellent, and he clearly had strong connections and close relationships with people in each village we visited. He was good humoured and kind and took opportunities to educate us on the history of the region. He has been working in the industry for over 12 years and his knowledge and high skill level were evident! He was also a safe and careful driver, allowing us to never feel like we were rushing or unsafe on the road. If you are looking for a kind, generous and knowledgeable host for the Pamir Highway experience, I can’t recommend Shamil enough!

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Shamil is a very good driver and guide. He can speak al the central asian languages so it's very easy for him to drive throw all the countries. He took us in very nice and comfortable accommodations. He is a skilled mechanic as well and he can fix any car problem. We did a 12 days tour from Dushanbe to Bishkek: recommended!

Alberto about listing From Dushnabe to Bishkek tour 2 years ago.

Shamil took us on a 7N/8D roadtrip through the Pamir and Wakhan corridor. He was communicative throughout the organizing phase, and the itinerary he offered us showcased the best parts of the region, with many opportunities to meet locals and have a wonderfully immersive cultural experience. He was flexible when we wanted to stop for a photo or rest break, he chose excellent accommodations, he is extremely knowledgeable with fixing cars (he helped numerous people along the way), and he was excellent at navigating the rough Pamir roads. Our vehicle was clean each morning when we got in, with a new bottle of water in our cup holder. I highly recommend Shamil.

Karen about listing 7N 8D Pamir Highway jeep tour 2 years ago.

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