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Hi!  First of all I want introduce myself. I am Shamsiddin - the director of tourist company . I was born in 1972, in Panjakent district , in Zerafshan valley. I opened my own tour company in 2012 and since that time I arrange personally numerous short and  king-sized trips in whole terrains of Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan up to now.  During 8 years working in tourism I got enough experience to organise unique and perfect tours for every our visitors. Because of here located the main part of our touristic areas and here was few tour companies which could not arrange trips in high level I chose this speciality . I organize tours in all over Tajikistan including ancient places of the Zarsfshon Valley,Fann Mountains,Pamir,Dushanbe,Hisor,Istaravshan,Mactchahi Kuhi,and Khujand. I organize trekking Hiking mountains tours and jeep tours to historical palaces magnificent Fann Mountains,trekking to crystal clear turguaise lakes such as Margusor lakes, Kuli Kalon,Alouddin,Iskandarkul and ather lakes . we organize hunting ,excursion to UNESCO World Heritage site of Sarazm, Ansient Penjikent excavations and Museum,Masque and of Olimdodkhoh (XVIc) mausoleum of Muhammad Bashoro (XIc) and Rudaki. We organize to meet tourist from the airport and borders and when they go back.We are ready to meet individual and group clients. I  want interact with you with great pleasure. You are welcome to Tajikistan.
        I offer you a suitable option for recreation or travel

1- booking hotels and tours to historical places of interest in Tajikistan.

2-mountain routes, hunting, VISA, Registration, Tour-Silk Road. Family Vacation, Wildlife, Eco Tour, Jeep Tour, Climbing, Mountaineering, Historical and Cognitive Tours, City Tours, Permit of GBAO and Jeep Tours.


Zerafshan - the ruby of the Tajikistan crown
Since 2012 the MARCO POLO Tourism Company, has operated tours in
the Zerafshon Valley, and currently organizes tours all
over Tajikistan including: ancient places in the Zerafshon Valley, the Fann mountains, Pamir, Dushanbe, Hissor, Istaravshan,Mastchohi Kuhi and Khujand. We organize trekking, hiking, mountain
tours as well as jeep tours to historical places,
the magnificent Fann Mountains, the high mountain peaks of Chimtarga(5489m),Bolshoi Ganza (5306m), Krasnaya Moskwa(5138m), Energy (5120m) Amshut (4840m) and others including ancient Great Silk Road cities.

We organize trekking, to the crystal clear,
turquoise lakes: Marguzor, Alauddin, Kuli Kalon, Kuli
Nahang, KuliMurgobi,Pushti Kul, the mysterious beauty of Bolshɨe Allo lake and Iskandarkul lake.
Enjoy the landscape of the picturesque canyons of Archamaidon, Kishtudak, Amshut and Sarimat.
Enjoy the song of the birds, babble of the mountainous rivers and fresh air. English, German, France and Russian speaking guides are available. Hotel, rural home-stay and camping/tent accommodation is available.
A famous scientist once commented that:

Zerafshan is the ruby of the Tajikistan crown.

It must be seen to be believed. You are welcome here.

The magnificent Fann Mountains are an
alpine area of outstanding beauty located
in the west of Tajikistan. The Fann
Mountains have many beautiful exciting
and unforgettable landscapes
filled with wilderness and beautiful nature. Lush
alpine meadows, juniper forests embedded
amongst the rugged snow capped peaks.
This is a paradise for hiking and alpinism.
There are many crystal clear, turquoise lakes including: Kulikalon, Alouddin, Iskandarlul, the Seven Lakes, and over 40 more spread amongst the spectacular and rugged high ridges of the Fann Mountains.
Each of these mountain lakes is unique and specific to the area, each with its own specific color and
mystical powers attributed by local folklore.
accommodation in rural home-stays is available near
most lakes in picturesque villages, or in tents.

Sarazm (sar-e-zamin) meaning
the beginning of the world, is known as one of
the most famous archaeological sites in
Central Asia, and is more than 5500 years old. Being of the Bronze Age, the site of Sarazm is considered to
be the cradle of civilization of Tajik people.
In July 2010 the importance of the Sarazm site was recognized by the UNESCO, when it was the first site in Tajikistan to be inscribed onto the UN list of World Heritage Sites.

Ancient Penjikent is situated 1.5 km.
south east of the modern city of Penjikent. This ancient Sogdian City, once a major trading city on the Silk Road, was sacked by the Arabs and buried for centuries. It was rediscovered in the middle of the twentieth century and excavations continue today. It was a superbly fortified, well organized city with a rulers palace, two Zoroastrian fire worshiping temples, markets, dwellings richly decorated with numerous paintings, as well as wooden and clay statues of ancient gods.
Original frescoes from the excavations can be found in the Penjikent Museum.
Our company can organize:

&Trekking, kayaking and tours to:
o Kulikalon and Alouddin Lakes
o Iskandarkul Lake
o Seven Lakes
o Alo Lake
o Yagnob valley

& Hunting expeditions (game including world famous , mountain goats, rabbits, game birds, and others)

Excursions and tours to:
o UNESCO WorldHeritage Site of Sarazm
o Ancient Penjikent - Excavations and Museum
o Mosque and Madrasa of Olim Dodkhoh (XVI c)
o Mausoleum of Muhammad Bashoro (XI c)
o Rudaki Mausoleum in Panjrud
o National Museum in Penjikent
&mid ; Mountaineering expeditions and logistic support to mountaineering expeditions
Our company can provide:

 -Travel guides
 -Logistic support to trekking and expeditions


o Jeeps
o Minibuses
o Trucks
o Horses
o Donkeys
-Rural home-stays, guest houses, hotels throughout all of Tajikistan.
Suggested itineraries include:
 -Penjikent Fann Mountains.
o 6 days 5 nights.
 -Alouddin mountain- Iskandarkul
o 9 days 8 nights
 -Alpine camp of Iskandarkul via Varzob and Dushanbe
o 11 days 10 nights.
-Dushanbe, Kulob, Pamir
-Customized itineraries suited to individual needs.

Please contact me with any queries, I am here to help!

My skills, interests, and hobbies: Most I like feasting with new friends specially with foregniers, acquaint with new cultures and traditions,reading, listening to music, dancing, taking photos e.t.c

Country: Tajikistan

Trip Request for: Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan

Role: Registered Tour company

Years of experience: 8

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