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Warm greetings for the guests of our lovely country !

My Name is ShoAziz  and I am your perfect tour guide and tour operator in Uzbekistan. Working as guide and tour operator since 2012 I gained incredible experience that would like to share with my guests.

I'm deeply in love with my country and I can show you why !

My skills, interests, and hobbies: *Tours around Uzbekistan *Transfers from Airports and Train Stations *City tours in Tashkent and Tashkent regions *Air and Train Tickets * Trekking in the Mountains of Tashkent

Country: Uzbekistan

Trip Request for: Uzbekistan

Role: Certified/licensed Guide

Years of experience: 8

10 open listings

16 received reviews (88% positive, 14/16)


Aziz went above and beyond to keep us comfortable. He speaks perfect English and was very considerate towards us. Would definitely recommend his services.


Sho Aziz was a stellar driver. He was very friendly and extremely helpful. Thank you so much.

We highly recommend him.


We organised a tour with Aziz of Nurata and Aydur Kul, with collection in Samarkand and drop off in Bukhara the next day.

We can highly recommend Nurata and Aydur Kul, but unfortunately we cannot recommend Aziz. The whole tour was very disorganised, and we were extremely disappointed with what should have been a very pleasant two days.

We were met on time at our hostel, and Aziz introduced us to our driver and our guide. Through the whole process we communicated directly with Aziz and had no indication that he wouldn't carry out the tour himself.

We chose to paid half of the money to Aziz, with the balance due the next day. We had arranged with Aziz for everything to be included in the tour, including tour, driver, accommodation, dinner + soft drinks and alcohol, breakfast, camel riding and various sights along the way.

We were surprised to be asked to pay for tickets to Alexander the Great's fortress and also for walking on an empty beach (!) at Aydur Kul, but agreed with the guide afterwards that we would deduct that from the final amount.

However the biggest surprise was for our tour guide and driver when we discussed the itinerary at lunch on day one - due to a communication breakdown with Aziz, they were both under the impression the tour was for one day, and not two. Neither of them had overnight bags, and after confirming the details with Aziz, both had to make extremely apologetic phone calls home that they wouldn't be home that evening. Our guide has a two-month old baby, so I imagine his wife will not have been very happy! We weren't entirely sure we'd have a driver or guide the following day, but they came to an arrangement with Aziz on the phone and we drove on to Aydur Kul.

In the late afternoon, we drove to the yurt camp. We had a beer each (which we understood as included in our package), watched the sun go down, and had a very delicious dinner with a complimentary glass of wine and a vodka. There was a local singer that entertained us while people danced around the camp fire. It was a very enjoyable evening and we were pleased to have ironed out the misunderstandings on itinerary and payment.

However in the morning the owner of the yurt camp asked for full payment of the accommodation, plus also the beers we'd had, totalling USD105. We reiterated that this was all included - and after yet more phone calls to Aziz, confirmed this. We paid the extra money for beers (even though it should have been included) and again deducted that from the final amount. It all felt very disorganised, and we repeatedly stood around waiting for the relevant people to talk to Aziz.

At our request, the next morning our local guide arranged a very interesting visit to the local village (as our original itinerary confirmed) including two schools and a local house for bread and tea, before camel riding and onward drive to Bukhara.

However, on check out the yurt camp said they could not provide registration slips for accommodation - compulsory for tourists in Uzbekistan, and provided by all of our accommodation so far. Apparently this is because their office is in Samarkand. They told us that they would email Aziz to provide digital copies, and we received photographs of registrations on his computer screen which did not feel particularly official.

We were happy with both our local guide and driver, especially in the less than ideal circumstances.

We would urge Aziz to be up front with who is conducting the tour. Of many different tours on Indy Guide, we chose this one because we liked his profile and tour, and were led to believe he would be taking us on the tour. If Aziz agrees with a group to have another guide conduct the tour, we would urge him to provide written confirmation of what has been agreed to all parties, and for this to be discussed in person with all parties before setting out.

Emma about listing Nurata Tour - 2 days ( 11 Oct) 8 months ago.

A totally awesome trip guided by Aziz, a young, enthusiastic and knowledgable tour guide. The ride to the mountains was a wowing experience, and I would recommend this tour to anyone who is interested in.


Aziz is a great guide. Super smart, very knowledgeable about Uzbekistan in all ways (history, current events, broad perspective), fair prices, good driver, great English, fun to be around. Highly recommend!

Jessica about listing Airport transfer, Train tickets 9 months ago.
Emma Jane

I had such a great time on tour in Samarkand with Aziz! He is a fantastic guide with so much knowledge to share. We saw some incredible places and the whole tour ran smoothly. Loved trying the mulberry juice at the bazaar! Aziz shared so many interesting historical facts and showed me some amazing architecture. He is a , professional and approachable guide, great conversation and lots of interesting information to share. Hope to meet him again next time I am in Uzbekistan!


Everithing great thanks to aziz.

Great person.

Matteo about listing 10 august 11 months ago.

I had a fantastic full-day tour of Tashkent with Aziz. His knowledge of the history of the city was amazing and I learnt so much from him. We visited all the major sights of the city, including some well off the beaten track. I thank Aziz for his great work, particulary for his success in getting me to my train despite heavy traffic. I wholeheartedly recommemed him as your guide to Tashkent!

Stephen about listing Stephen Stocks, 19 July 11 months ago.

Aziz is a very wonderful person. He has a lot of knowledge about his country Uzbekistan. It’s very easy to communicate with Aziz. He has excellent English. I recommend Aziz.

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Aziz I a great tour guide

Aziz is very knowledgeable about the area near Tashkent and the region. and He is very interesting to talk with. In addition to the great hike, I learned a lot about the culture and the history of Uzbekistan and I had an authentic Uzbek experience.

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