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So our trip is organized and run by 100% genuine locals. We are an independent full-service tour team offering complete tour planning for individuals and/or groups of all sizes. We are committed to helping you to plan your next adventure from start to finish.

As the key figures of the tour team, we also closely collaborate with a team of our local drivers from rural parts of the country who are also rich in experience and have a broad knowledge of each and every route of Mongolia.


We specialize in customized, well-organized, exciting and widely varied itineraries to fit your interests and needs. Our clients are independent travelers and groups. We, personally have done all of our own trips and so we know about tour ground logistics, routes, landscapes, local accommodation, local specialties, etc. This will give you the unique opportunity to discover the nomadic people, traditions, culture, and countryside of Mongolia in an authentic way that will suit your needs.


Byamba (Driver)

  • Experienced driver the Gobi Desert, Central, Northern & Reindeer Nomads Region
  • Originally from Rashaant village, Northern Mongolia
  • UAZ Porgon-452 Russian Minivan

Muugi (Driver)

  • Experienced driver the Gobi Desert, Central, Northern & Western Region
  • Originally from Sumber village, Central Mongolia
  • UAZ Porgon-452 Russian Minivan


In 2016, I was able to host Gobi Desert Tour (incl. Dead Desert) for the Indy Guide founders Ati and Alexandra. You may ask them about my personality and services too.

Country: Mongolia

Trip Request for: Mongolia

Role: Registered Tour company

Years of experience: 9

41 open listings

47 received reviews (98% positive, 46/47)


Thanks to Soko, we really enjoyed our holiday in the coldest part of Mongolian winter. It was an amazing experience in a beautiful and pristine country.


Soko was very helpful in organizing transportation and a guide to the Hustai NP. And also after our cancelled flights she was very flexible to adjust the programm. So after all we spent a great day around UB. Thanks a lot! :-)

Corinne about listing day trip car with driver 10 months ago.

The trip was awesome. Soko is a friendly helpful guide. We liked the nature and the activities a lot. Hope to come back)))


An amazing guide with excellent communication skills, Soko made me feel very comfortable and it was a truly enriching trip for me in Mongolia. I highly recommend Soko and her friends in case you wish to experience Magical Mongolia! Everything was arranged extremely well and tailor made to suit my preferences. Thank you Soko! All the best.


Soko and her team are simply amazing! Soko's passion for her business makes her go above and beyond. The tour was fantastic value for money, and really authentic. We stayed with small nomad families and helped herd their animals and make fermented mere milk and even vodka! Tour guide Munkuush was a great cook, and driver Norvoo was incredibly skilled. In 13 days we went from camel rides in the sunny Gobi to riding horses in the snow in e grasslands. A trip of a lifetime!

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All went well, from airport pick-up to dropoff we felt looked after by Soko and her tour team. It was a good balance between getting to try Mongolian things and experience the culture as well as catering to our own creature comforts (e.g., cooking vegetables for us). Soko seems to have good connections across the regions so we had comfortable accommodation and a range of things to do.

We recommend deciding whether you want more desert or more steppe (it turned out we preferred the steppe) and think about how much time to spend in the car vs. hiking/other activities but seeing fewer places.

Genevieve about listing GH August deposit 11 months ago.

After having made already many travels all around the world, I had still one trip on my bucket list: Mongolia.

I hoped to experience the nomadic culture and traditions, experience the dirt roads before major infrastructure projects of sealing roads will spoil the traditional mongolian experience.

In order to have the opportunity to come close to the nomadic culture, I was convinced to get this only by using a locally based tour operator. We did not want to stay in the touristy ger camps. After contacting several local tour operators, I had, by far, the best feedback and warmest contact with Soko in Ulaanbataar. Also the price quotation was very competitive. Together we set up a 22-day tour by UAZ (russian minivan 4wd) starting from Ulaanbataar covering the Gobi, Central Mongolia and Western mongolia with a flight back from Ölgiii to Ulaanbaatar.

Soko has put the nomadic families (homestays) as a major element in this trip as to my request.

The end of July we ( myself and my parents who are 86 and 77 years old), arrived in UB and we were met at the airport by a driver. That afternoon we met Soko, our guide Muunkuush and driver Byaamba in her office to discuss and go through the tour planning to double check if all is OK. Soko did everything to arrange things in such a way that alos my parents could enjoy the whole trip. So did she supply a toilet chair since squatting is difficult for elderly people.

The tour went great and we lived literally between the nomads and due to our great guide and driver they made it possible to interact with the nomadic families. We loved our russian UAZ minibus which was great in all offroad conditions. Byaamba was such a safe driver and he was extremely attentative. He was also our handyman and he could repair anything. Muunkush was efficient, always in a good mood, has a good sense of humour and is a good translator and a great chef. She cooked two hot meals a day and always a delicious breakfast. The meals were healthy, with lots of fresh vegetables and ingredients and very tasty. We felt like a family! For the part in western Mongolia, Soko arraned an additional guide who spoke Kazach language. 80% of the nomadic people in western Mongolia (Bayaan Ölgii) are Kazach poeple and many of them do not speak mongolian. So we could interact wit these Kazach families without problem.

Besides th beautiful scenery of Mongolia we were really overwhelmed by the hughe hospitalty and friendliness of the nomadic families. Thrse people, living very remotely, offered all they had to us as guests. This was a very special experience to us. It has given Mongolia a warm place in our hearts. Soko has made this all happen.

This tour has been a tour we will never forget and we got even attached to Soko, Muunkush and Byaamba. They have made this the perfect tour! Thank you Soko!

We can fully recommend Soko for a real mongolian experience. She is extremely reliable, warm and trustworthy person and will do everything to ma the trip successful.


We had a good memory throughout this trip. The tour guide girl is Biamba and the driver is Moki who took well care of us. Hopefully, I spell their names correctly.

Biamba is young and passionate who tried her best to keep our trip smoothly. She did a lot of homework about the places we visited and she cooked well too.

Moki is a hard-working guy and very heart-warming. Although he can't speak in English, he still told us many stories of himself and the places we should visit next time in Mongolia. Of course, all translated by Biamba.

They become friends during the trip. And there is a gentle reminder that do check with their manager where they are going to stay at night. I think somehow their manager forgot to arrange their accommodation.

This is a great trip. If I have chances to visit Mongolia, I will definitely see them again.

Thanks for taking care of us during the trip, Biamba and Moki.

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We had an exceptional time on our trip.

Soko was extremely kind and patient throughout our (extremely long) inquiry phase and provided the best customized trip we could have hoped for. We had sleeping bags to be comfy in, vegetarian food for

every meal, a hardy russian 4x4 to cruise along in and everything (right from horse and camel riding to foraging for wild strawberries) which would be required to be on an epic adventure in Mongolia. We

finished our trip with fond memories of bewitching landscapes but even more so of the genuineness, warmth and hospitality of Mongolia's amazing people - all thanks to the amazing team of Soko and Friends.

It is often said that the little things make a lot of difference - and they truly did. Providing us a short stay in the guesthouse after a long flight, taking pains to buy a makeshift cake and candles for a birthday celebration, ensuring we had a fire burning in our Ger during

cold nights - these show the care and genuine affection with which our tour team (Ichko, Saaya and Sidit) took care of us.

We highly highly recommend!


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Soko and friends
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