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So our trip is organised and run by a 100% genuine local. I am the primary travel advisor in Mongolia who exploring in mongolia. On my experiences I can make your holiday adventure most comfortable and unforgettable. I have lead many off the beaten track expeditions and adventures.

My skills, interests, and hobbies: Enjoy Adventure Holidays in Mongolia that you will never forget! We are a full-service tour offering complete tour planning for individuals and/or groups of all sizes. I can help you plan your next event from start to finish. TRAVEL MORE & WORRY LESS We specialize in customized, well-organized, exciting and widely varied itineraries to fit your needs. Our tours give you the unique opportunity to discover the nomadic people, culture and landscapes of Mongolia in an authentic way, which will be suited to fit your needs. YOU BOOK YOUR TRIP, SUPPORT LOCALLY OWNED BUSINESSES AND NOMADIC HERDER FAMILIES Mongolian owned , who can best serve the needs of international travellers from all over the globe. We deal with local nomadic families so we support our local people. Our tours visit nomadic families so we can support local people, which will help make their future better. The families that open their homes to travellers benefit from the opportunity to get to know you, which enriches their lives and you benefit from getting to know them, which will enrich yours.

Country: Mongolia

Destination countries: Mongolia

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Soko organizes very good tours and I have enjoyed myself very much during my time with her, her tourguide and drivers. I very much recommend contacting her if you consider going to Mongolia! She has a lot of valuable contacts and can basically help you with anything you need or want in your trip.


Great tour! Fantastic guide and driver! So informative, kind and patient. I had such a memorable experience. Definitely recommend.


Big thank you Soko for making last minute booking so easy. Ana was great, so helpful all day. He had such a keen eye, he spotted most of the wildlife in the national park. It was an excellent day. Many Thanks


We booked our tour by Soko but went on the 9 days Gobi desert tour with her friend Alma as our guide. Alma was cook and guide in one person and like a friend to us. We had a wonderful time, the tour was perfectly organized, we had an amazing camel ride into the dunes and could experience the real nomadic life because of her privat contacts. Perfect trip with a perfect giude and perfect driver. Thanks for giving us that great time.

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Simply a fantastic trip! I realise more and more how special the trip was every time I am telling friends about it

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It was amazing! Soko is one of the most organized and reliable people I've come come across in all my travels. Unlike so many Tour Guides she gave me a detailed itinerary with all features and benefits. She then ensured not only was it adhered to but it remained malleable as my interest and goals leading up to the day slightly changed and evolved. She made sure I didn't miss anything that was promised while adding more value and opportunities as they became available.

She gave me an excellent guide and driver that made me feel safe and looked after even though I traveled alone I felt part of something, part of Mongolia! Soko came up with a tour that was both challenging and fun.

The journey to the "Teepee People" was one of the most rewarding times in my life. It was a 15 day tour with an insane pace. I only spent 3 nights in Taiga but like a true adventure not only was the destination the peak of the story but the journey getting there was a story in itself.

In summary, if you want a detailed personally tailored tour. With no hidden cost/fees or strange surprises I HIGHLY recommend Soko! I found tours that were cheaper but none nearly as good and in Mongolia Value is definitely more important that cost.

Me on reindeer

Everything was very good. Even if I changed my itinerary at the very last second, Soko assisted me by phone and provided an incredibly careful and reliable driver, Davka. For sure I suggest you to contact Soko for every travel project you have in Mongolia


Everything was great! Soko did a fantastic job organising the trip and allowing us to have flexibility at the different places. She was a lot of fun and very knowledgeable. She was always on time, helped us at the marketplace, choose nice restaurants and was a pleasure to be with. I would definitely choose Soko again!


I´m still overwhelmed with mongolia experience! :)


We went to a Gobi tour (14 days) with Soko and her driver, Bagi in June 2016. She is a very nice and funny person, knowledgeable guide and a great cook too. We absolutely recommend Soko's services. Best wishes, Alex & Ati

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