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So our trip is organized and run by a 100% genuine locals. We are a team of experienced hands-on, independent tour guides, who do not belong to any tour agencies or operators. We operate on our own performing the tours and managing the related logistics according to our years' long experiences. Our team members are all qualified and have attended various professional training and yet still concerned about their constant growth and self-development as tour guides.

As the key figures of tour team, we also closely collaborate with a team of local drivers from rural parts of the country who are also rich in experience and has a broad knowledge of each and every route of Mongolia.


Driver Adya 

  • He can speak basic English
  • He is Photographer especially in the wild nature and wildlife
  • Experienced driver in the Gobi Region
  • Originally from Gobi Desert, Southern Mongolia
  • Lexus Land Cruiser-470

Driver Amaraa 

  • He speak basic English
  • He is Photographer especially in the wild nature and wildlife
  • Experienced driver in the Gobi Region
  • Originally from Gobi Desert, Southern Mongolia
  • Toyota Land Cruiser-80

Driver Baagi

  • He speaks Korean
  • Experienced driver in the Central, Gobi & Northern of Mongolia
  • Originally from Southwest of Mongolia
  • Ssangyong Istana South Korean Van

Driver Aagi

  • He speaks very basic English
  • Experienced driver in the Central, Gobi & especially the Reindeer Tribes destination
  • northern part of Mongolia
  • Originally from Northern of Mongolia
  • UAZ Porgon-452 Russian Minivan


In 2016, I was able to host Gobi Desert Tour (incl. Dead Desert) for the Indy Guide founders Ati and Alexandra. You may ask them about my personality and services too.



My skills, interests, and hobbies: Enjoy Adventure Holidays in Mongolia that you will never forget! We are a full-service tour offering complete tour planning for individuals and/or groups of all sizes. I can help you plan your next event from start to finish. TRAVEL MORE & WORRY LESS We specialize in customized, well-organized, exciting and widely varied itineraries to fit your needs. Our tours give you the unique opportunity to discover the nomadic people, culture and landscapes of Mongolia in an authentic way, which will be suited to fit your needs. YOU BOOK YOUR TRIP, SUPPORT LOCALLY OWNED BUSINESSES AND NOMADIC HERDER FAMILIES Mongolian owned , who can best serve the needs of international travellers from all over the globe. We deal with local nomadic families so we support our local people. Our tours visit nomadic families so we can support local people, which will help make their future better. The families that open their homes to travellers benefit from the opportunity to get to know you, which enriches their lives and you benefit from getting to know them, which will enrich yours.

Country: Mongolia

Services in: Mongolia

Role: Registered Tour company

Years of experience: 10

49 open listings

17 received reviews (94% positive, 16/17)


We were a little concerned about the trip at first, being our first time in Mongolia, but the moment we met our guide Doya and driver Bagi, all our fears were assuaged. Soko took time to receive us and to send us off at the airport, and was very patient in explaining everything to us. Doya was an amazing guide/cook/translator all in one, and was able to teach us a lot about Mongolia's culture and history. Bagi (or "Joy" as he prefers to be called) was the friendliest and most cheerful driver we have ever met. We had a wonderful 5 days in Central Mongolia with Doya and Bagi, and by the end of the trip, felt like we had made 2 very good friends. Will definitely be back to Mongolia one day!

Feifan about listing Feifan 5D4N all inclusive tour 14 hours ago.

Soko was a really kind and generous guide. I appreciated the Gobi tour organised for me. It has provided me with many new experiences. Thank you.


we were having the most amazing time during our 5 days 4 nights gobi trip with mugi, namuul and soko. we were exploring the vast landscapes with our russian van, which was mainly driving off-road and able to stop anywhere for a break, for lunch or for dinner. then, namuul with his experience as a cook, would make us delicious meals and tell us delightful tales about the mongolian animals or the places where we would stop. we had so many highlights, we were taken to beautiful places, had the chance to get an insight into the way of nomadic life and were riding on camels and horses. one of our personal highlights tough was to meet Namul, such a good guy and guide. We were always feeling his really good heart, that he genuinely cared about us and we loved to listen to him playing the horse head fiddle he had brought along as a surprise. we will always look back on these days as on one of our most beautiful trips and would like to thank you all again for letting us experience your wonderful country in such a beautiful way. thank you ♥. simone and yeshi

Yeshi about listing 5Days Gobi Desert + Air ~ in May.2018 11 days ago.

Soko and Mogii (driver ) were really supportive!! They are punctual and precise about the travel schedule. I went to Terelj for BBQ party with friends, but had trouble making fire in a camp site. Mogii even helped make fire and cook meat for us!! I had lots of fun all together in my trip! Thank you so much again for everything!


This trip be filled with good moment , nice friendship and good service. Thank you for your service and kindness. I'm lucky to choose you, Soko.

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Things were a little rough this week and had it’s ups and downs. For the most part, since it was the beginning of the season, it was lots of catching up with the nomadic families and speaking in Mongolian. I felt excluded from the group for a majority of the trip since I don’t speak Mongolian. I would only recommend this tour IF you are traveling with someone else. This will at least give you someone to talk to while Soko and the others catch up and speak Mongolian for most of the trip. Soko for the most part is a trusting person, but she still has room to improve. I’m also not sure that the tour was worth the price I paid for $950. There are way more tours out there so do some research and find a tour that fits you

Missing Shona

The tour was absolutely fantastic. Soko is professional but friendly and very accommodating. Nothing was a problem for her or her driver Bagi (not sure of spelling). I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone wanting to see Mongolia.


Soko organizes very good tours and I have enjoyed myself very much during my time with her, her tourguide and drivers. I very much recommend contacting her if you consider going to Mongolia! She has a lot of valuable contacts and can basically help you with anything you need or want in your trip.


Great tour! Fantastic guide and driver! So informative, kind and patient. I had such a memorable experience. Definitely recommend.


Big thank you Soko for making last minute booking so easy. Ana was great, so helpful all day. He had such a keen eye, he spotted most of the wildlife in the national park. It was an excellent day. Many Thanks

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