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So our trip is organized and run by 100% genuine locals. We are a team of experienced hands-on, independent tour guides, who do not belong to any tour agencies or operators. We operate on our own performing the tours and managing the related logistics according to our years' long experiences. Our team members are all qualified and have attended various professional training and yet still concerned about their constant growth and self-development as tour guides.

As the key figures of tour team, we also closely collaborate with a team of local drivers from rural parts of the country who are also rich in experience and has a broad knowledge of each and every route of Mongolia.


Byamba (Driver)

  • Experienced driver the Gobi Desert, Central, Northern & Reindeer Nomads Region
  • Originally from Rashaant village, Northern Mongolia
  • UAZ Porgon-452 Russian Minivan

Aagii (Driver)

  • Experienced driver the Gobi Desert, Central, Northern & Western Region
  • Originally from Rashaant village, Northern Mongolia
  • UAZ Porgon-452 Russian Minivan


In 2016, I was able to host Gobi Desert Tour (incl. Dead Desert) for the Indy Guide founders Ati and Alexandra. You may ask them about my personality and services too.

My skills, interests, and hobbies: Enjoy Adventure Holidays in Mongolia that you will never forget! We are a full-service tour offering complete tour planning for individuals and/or groups of all sizes. I can help you plan your next event from start to finish. TRAVEL MORE & WORRY LESS We specialize in customized, well-organized, exciting and widely varied itineraries to fit your needs. Our tours give you the unique opportunity to discover the nomadic people, culture and landscapes of Mongolia in an authentic way, which will be suited to fit your needs. YOU BOOK YOUR TRIP, SUPPORT LOCALLY OWNED BUSINESSES AND NOMADIC HERDER FAMILIES Mongolian owned , who can best serve the needs of international travellers from all over the globe. We deal with local nomadic families so we support our local people. Our tours visit nomadic families so we can support local people, which will help make their future better. The families that open their homes to travellers benefit from the opportunity to get to know you, which enriches their lives and you benefit from getting to know them, which will enrich yours.

Country: Mongolia

Services in: Mongolia

Role: Registered Tour company

Years of experience: 9

42 open listings

40 received reviews (98% positive, 39/40)




We had a good memory throughout this trip. The tour guide girl is Biamba and the driver is Moki who took well care of us. Hopefully, I spell their names correctly.

Biamba is young and passionate who tried her best to keep our trip smoothly. She did a lot of homework about the places we visited and she cooked well too.

Moki is a hard-working guy and very heart-warming. Although he can't speak in English, he still told us many stories of himself and the places we should visit next time in Mongolia. Of course, all translated by Biamba.

They become friends during the trip. And there is a gentle reminder that do check with their manager where they are going to stay at night. I think somehow their manager forgot to arrange their accommodation.

This is a great trip. If I have chances to visit Mongolia, I will definitely see them again.

Thanks for taking care of us during the trip, Biamba and Moki.

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We had an exceptional time on our trip.

Soko was extremely kind and patient throughout our (extremely long) inquiry phase and provided the best customized trip we could have hoped for. We had sleeping bags to be comfy in, vegetarian food for

every meal, a hardy russian 4x4 to cruise along in and everything (right from horse and camel riding to foraging for wild strawberries) which would be required to be on an epic adventure in Mongolia. We

finished our trip with fond memories of bewitching landscapes but even more so of the genuineness, warmth and hospitality of Mongolia's amazing people - all thanks to the amazing team of Soko and Friends.

It is often said that the little things make a lot of difference - and they truly did. Providing us a short stay in the guesthouse after a long flight, taking pains to buy a makeshift cake and candles for a birthday celebration, ensuring we had a fire burning in our Ger during

cold nights - these show the care and genuine affection with which our tour team (Ichko, Saaya and Sidit) took care of us.

We highly highly recommend!

Aung Phyoe

It was a truly wonderful tour to the central part of Mongolia. We took 9 days tour that consisted of ger-stay in Orkhon valley, horse trekking through eight lakes and ger-stay with yak herder family in Shuranga. From the very start, Soko provided us with several tour options based on our places of interest and duration of the tour. She is such a knowledgeable and resourceful person who provided us with expert opinions and tailored the itinerary in our best interest. Upon our arrival to UB, she was very nice to meet us to explain the day to day itinerary in detail and to make sure we were well-prepared for the tour.

Our guide, Munkhuush, and driver, Byamba, are very warm and friendly persons as well. They were always eager to help us get the best experience out of the tour. In Shuranga, they found out that there was a horse festival happening nearby and brought us there although it’s not included in the original itinerary.

Bayarlalaa to Soko for organizing such an amazing trip! We will come back one day and visit other parts of Mongolia with you guys!


Es war alles super organisiert,

Wir waren sehr zufrieden. Vom Abholen vom Bahnhof über 4Tage Ausflug bis zum wieder zum Zug bringen....

Wir hatten eine gute Köchin, einen Fahrer, der uns sicher von Ort zu Ort gebracht hat und einen deutschsprachigen Guide, der ganz viel wusste.

Danke euch allen, das kann man gern weiter empfehlen, auch die Kommunikation vorher war bestens.


Great organization, uncomplicated communication and competent support. We've had the best 4 weeks ever!

On our Gobi tour, we were in a small group of three with a friend of ours and with driver Naruwa and his Russian Van.

We cooked ourselves and at night we stayed at nomad families in their guest gers, which Soko has organized in advance.

Every day there was a special highlight, from the Flaming Cliffs, the White Stupas, the Singing Sand Dunes in the very south to the waterfall in the Grasslands.

At our request to do horse trekking, Soko has organized a 4-day tour through the 8 Lakes area - one of the greatest adventures you can do. We totally loved it!

We've had an introductory meeting with Soko in advance, where we discussed the individual days and all the details of the trip. The communication beforehand was great and Soko helped us with all the preparations (for example, grocery shopping, SIM, etc.) - so we always had a good feeling about our tour.

BIG THANKS to Soko and her team!! You guys made this trip unforgettable!

Alexa & Patrick (from Germany)

Alexandra about listing Hiring driver+russian van for 14-days 2 months ago.
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Great except for the smoking. Driver smoked outside the car but inside the car we we're choking on his toxic breath. Invest in a pack of gum. Open a window. Nobody wants to gag on the fumes.

Mark about listing First terelj trip 3 months ago.

Our tour team was just the best! Gamba was the perfect driver and took good care of the van and us and Alma was spoiling us all week with great information and food (we thought it was impossible to travel through Gobi Desert as a vegan but she made it happen! We always had wonderful freshly cooked food!)

Soko did a great service pre&post trip and we can highly recommend them!

We would love to come back again one day and would wish to have the same team again

Fabienne about listing 7DAYS/6NIGHTS GOBI Tour 3 months ago.
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Everything worked out perfectly and I was taken very good care of by all people involved. Highly recommended!

Thomas about listing Deposit for my Mongolia trip with Solo 3 months ago.
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Beautiful nomad tour !!! Everything perfect !!! Excellent organizer, fulfill your dreams!!!

Alberto about listing Central Tour 4D 3N 5 months ago.
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Soko and friends
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