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My name short name is Soyolo,,,

I was born in  Feb 11  1978 Jargalant village, Tuv province, its around 135 km far from capital city Ulaanbaatar.

I married, my wife name is Oyuna, we have 3 children, youngest boy is 4 years old this year.

We do our work with our heart, dream and passions ... 

My skills, interests, and hobbies: I have quite perfect communication skills I like to travel and meet new people everyday :-) My hobby is : playing snooker billiard and basketball

Country: Mongolia

Trip Request for: Mongolia

Role: Individual/Freelancer

Years of experience: 11

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5 received reviews (100% positive, 5/5)

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Friendly couple which runs a guest house near department store and also arrange tours in Mongolia with reasonable price.

Als them for tours in Mongolia. They also do pickup from railway station and airport.

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We booked the tour online and had a great experience with Boogi and Neegi, our personal guide and driver provided by Soyolo.

We four went together around the Gobi Desert on a cool Russian van, perfect for the wild roads, sleeping in local Gers and enjoying the Mongolian food and lifestyle.

The tour is highly recommended for a real experience in the Desert.

The only inconvenience regarded the air company Aeroflot, which lost our bags and returned them 2 days delayed. We suggest to keep them on the flight if possible.

Enjoy Mongolia!

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My partner and I stayed with Soyol and his wife at their guest house by chance and it was great. The location is perfectly located and very comfortable. With free breakfast, water, and a friendly atmosphere I would recommend this place to people looking for a reasonable guest house with a personal touch.

We also decided to do a 9 day tour with a 4 day horseback ride to the 8 lakes region with different gers each night and a before and after stay just a walk away from Orkhon waterfall. We also vistied hot springs, karakorum, and a couple sites on this trip. We had an amazing time on this trip and especially loved our driver and horse guide. We like to travel off the beaten path and Soyol met our expectations very well. I recommend this outfitter for trips around the country and dont be afraid to not do the usual tourist route and let Soyol help with adding some extras to your trip to make it even more memorable.

Missing Escape

We had really memorable wonderful time in Mongolia thanks to Soyolo. they gave me so much infos to help me with planing the tour before my arrival. their replies on chat were always very quick, which helped me a lot. The staff treated us like their old friends, not the customer. The guest house is also great, clean and cozy. also, convenient location to get to places. I really recommend A/D for tours and accommodation.





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We were simply blown away by how much of Mongolia we were able to experience in such a short time. Soyol is a warm hearted man and only thanks to him were we able to connect with the people and the nature of this beautiful country. Whatever you plan on doing in Mongolia, as soon as you involve Soyol, you will enhance your stay in every possible way!

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Soyolo & Tours
Last seen 6 months ago