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Country: United Kingdom

Trip Request for: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan

About my trip: Hi, we are 2 adults and 1 child looking for a tour in Kazaksthan and Kyrgyzstan from 24th Dec to 31st Dec or 1st Jan depending on what the itinerary is like. I understand it will be very cold, will it be possible to do any sightseeing during this time? I was thinking about Almaty (which is where we will land), Asthana , the canyons, lakes and any other important sites in Kazakshtan which we shouldnt miss and important sites in Kyrgyzsthan. Could anyone provide an itinerary that will be suitable?

Travel month: December 2018

Number of persons: 3

Status: Booked

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Oh,Dear Sunil

Thank you very much for those good actions ,I'm so happy that you liked everything and spent a good time in Georgia. You are such a good person and your family too, It was pleasant for me to cooperate with you. I hope one day you will return in Georgia.I'm always ready to host you.

Alexsandra about listing Tour with Alexsandra 1 years ago.

Thank you Sunil and your lovely family , it was pleasure to meet you.

Zosi about listing Guide Service 1 years ago.

I was very glade to meet Sunil and his family. We spend together only 3 days, but for me it was like a long time, because they become for me as my old friends. We visited Charyn, Kolsay. Also we made together a short city tour and rided together in snow mountains. It was a good time also for my son, who was glade to meet a new friend, because children doesn't need to know languages, they can understand each other by their oun language:).

Ghani about listing Almaty-Shymkent. History of Silk Road 2 years ago.
Img 20181224 152110

Everythin was perfect.

Sunil traveled with his family. They are really friendly kind and generouse family.

They have got sun. His name is Wishal. He is only 8 year old. And he have been tavelling with his family for a long time.

Wishal is brave and strong boy.

The tour was great. Hope they loved our country Kyrgyzstan.

Best regards

Mirbek about listing Krygysthan 2 years ago.

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