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Hi  dear visitors

I'm a local tour guide who speaks in English, Russian and Japanese and based in Kharkhorum  ancient capital city of great Mongolian empire in 13 century. I and my wife have been doing a tour guiding for 18 years and driving and cooking as well  

In 2007 I opened the guest house called family guesthouse & tours and it is recommended really well in travel sites, blogs and Lonely Planet. We organize many kinds of tour  in central, southern Gobi desert and northern to Khuvsgul lake where there are  reindeer Tsaatan nomads live in Taiga.

In central Mongolia we make a  horse trip  in beautiful Orkhon valley  to lakes N.P, Tsenkher hot spa, Tuvkhun temple  as well

In the southern Gobi, we do as  tour guides ourselves to the most gorgeous unique  landscapes, staying in a real nomadic Family who are reall heartwarmly hospitality in the world 

In northern of Mongolia, we make  a jeep and horse trip to reindeer Tsaatan nomadic people who are living in a taiga and it will be good chance to see the shaman ceremony ,during the horse trip  

During the tour, we are available to offer  all camping equipment and cooking as well 

Our Family guest house is the best accommodation with sauna, massage, jacuzzi, European style toilet, hot shower, laundry, traditional Ger restaurant, and it is a perfect place  for relaxing and  sharing the tour cost with others  at my hostel . Mostly I receive many people who want to travel with me. I'm sure that it will be a good chance for you.

Please tell me what you would love to do in Mongolia during your trip, and I'm happy to help you to do the best to  have good memories and unforgetable impressions  of  beautiful Mongolian country  where there are friendly and hospitality people who are waiting you in their Yurts   

Many thanks from Ganbaatar, best wishes

My skills, interests, and hobbies: My hobby is throat singing about some holly mountains and Chinggis Khaan Also I like for driving, cooking, swimming, hiking, riding, fishing, archery and to be in meditation. If someone wants to learn throat singing, I will be happy to show them sometimes I love to write by the calligraphy in traditional Mongolian script

Country: Mongolia

Trip Request for: Mongolia

Role: Registered Tour company

Years of experience: 18

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Missing Halia

We stayed at the Family Guest House this summer - the host and his family were very welcoming - vegetarian options were a readily available alternative and they were super helpful with organising excursions in the area and getting a glimpse of the authentic Mongolian lifestyle. We also took a trip to the desert Gobi which was fascinating and Ganbaatar was the best chef and always tried to fulfill all our wishes - even finding a shower in the middle of the desert. I recommend doing the tour one way and have him drop you off at a coach station to your next destination.

Oh, and as romantic as riding a horse in Mongolia sounds - unless you are an extremely experienced rider - don't try to rent a horse. It's possible but the horses have a temperament of their own.

I really liked the personal touch of Ganbaatar's place and his commitment to his guests, they make you feel like family. Money well spent! Would go back any time.

Missing Chiara

We booked a tour of Central Mongolia with Ganaa, the owner of a guesthouse. This included a two days' stay there. It is truly a family guesthouse as you will be interacting directly with Ganaa, his wife and four daughters. The atmosphere is very friendly and relaxed, the food is excellent, and the traditional ger we stayed in was perfectly equipped with WiFi access, electricity and an oven that is reheated by staff several times a night during the colder seasons. The tour with Ganaa was very good, too. He showed us all the major and some relatively secluded sights on our way, we were always well fed and neatly sheltered for nighttime. Overall, it is a very relaxing but still adventurous opportunity to see this part of Mongolia!

Missing Fredrik

Great food and extremely helpful for organizing horse treks! We unfortunately had to cancel the trek due to very rainy weather and Suvd went out of her way to accomodate our change of plans - really exceptional, thank you very very much! All the best

Missing Toby

Amazing family that offers great tours all around Mongolia for a fair price and a nice, inexpensive Guesthouse. You feel like your part of the family and will feel a lot of love and affection! Perfect for budget travelers, families and people who want to dive in to the culture and lifestyle of Mongolia.

Missing Jan

The best. Great fortune meeting Gambatar and his family.

Missing Pavlo

It was an honorable place to stay, Suvd have a very nice family and I have much of respect for how she keep up with life, as it seems so perfect. she picked me up from bus station and took to her place although I didn't asked her. We spent two nights in the Mongolian Ger and drinked traditional Mongolian milk tea. Also the food was very delicious. We went to the top of a mountain with monument for history of Mongolian people. Too bad her husband was away on a trip, Id like to learn from him about Mongolian script. If you visit her dont forget to ask for some advise and if you want to ride a horse, she can help you to find where to rent it too. Thank you for your time)

Missing Detroit

Really lovely and homely place. Everybody is so friendly and it has that real Mongolian feel. Highly recommend staying here. Food is delicious as well and they offer tours.

Missing Leonie

With Suvd and Ganaa anything is made possible. They arrange your public bus ticket from Ulan Bataar ( just say Suvd to the driver), meet you upon arrival, take and help you get provisions for your horse trek, organise horses and a great horseman, whatever. Even bring a late arrival of your party to join you way down the Orkhon Valley and find another horse! They are efficient, cheerful, flexible and very willing to organise your style of travel. We wanted a simple horse trek of about eleven days, camping or staying in ger - not being too organised or timetabled, nor with heaps of gear. We also wanted a locally based and owned operator. All that we found with the Family Guesthouse and Suvd and Ganaa. The horseman/ guide, Shar, was great, with a good sense of humour, helpful and of course excellent with the horses. We certainly gained by having a Mongolian-speaking guide - true, you don't get as many questions answered when you don't know the language, but you learn and enjoy so much by having to observe and be part of things. The Family Guesthouse in Kharkhorin is clean and neat, with good, tasty food. I am really glad to have found Suvd and Ganaa and their Family Guesthouse online - we had a wonderful introduction to life in countryside Mongolia with its magnificent scenery. In particular, I enjoyed the section from Kharkhorin to the Waterfall, as the open steppe was very different and very impressive. Thoroughly recommend this local, highly enthusiastic and capable team!


Suvd and Ganbaatar were brilliant hosts with invaluable local knowledge. They were able to organise tickets, pickups, horse, camel and jeep tours. Meals were authentic, hearty and great. Comfortable ger & met other guests from all over the globe. July was a great month to visit the Family Guesthouse - closest camp to the incredible local Naadam festival. The old capital of Kharakhorum has so much to offer - our stay was the highlight of our journey.

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Ganbaatar & Suvd
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