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Казахстан замечательная и удивительная страна. Есть много разных видов развлечений для туристов и туристов.

Экскурсионные туры по Казахстану - это возможность увидеть самые живописные уголки природы.

Мы предлагаем вам богатые и тщательно спланированные туры по Казахстану: Чарынский каньон, озеро Кольсай, озеро Кайниды, Алтын-Эмельский национальный парк, Большое Алматинское озеро, озеро Иссык, Тургенский водопад, водопад Бурхан-Булак и многое другое.


My skills, interests, and hobbies: On the INDY GUIDE platform, our company is located recently. We respond to inquiries quickly, we love our work, we provide comfortable, clean transport, all the cars are good. We are a positive, successful and creative team of professionals not standing in one place and constantly improving our activities. Our employees travel a lot and therefore they know what information to share with you. We strive for efficiency and quality, and these are two fundamental factors for successful work. Also, we do not forget about our professional development and further training, actively participating in workshops. Our company specializes in domestic tourism in the Almaty region, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan as a whole. We are actively engaged in excursion tours, beach and ski resort recreation. We are always happy to help you in organizing your holiday, and hope that our first acquaintance will grow into a strong friendship!

Country: Kazakhstan

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