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My name is Takha, born and raised in Western Mongolia. I have a family, 1 daughter (7) and 1 son (0).

I have a comfortable Toyota Land Cruiser (4x4) and been guiding/driving travelers for four years.

I know the Altai mountains and roads very well.

Let’s go on this adventure together!

My skills, interests, and hobbies: Fishing, Offroad

Country: Mongolia

Trip Request for: Mongolia

Role: Certified/licensed Guide

Years of experience: 4

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4 received reviews (100% positive, 4/4)


I have traveled several times with Takha in the Altai mountains of Western Mongolia. He is not just a kind, funny and honest person, but also a great driver, mechanic, and fisherman. He is a human GPS of the Altai.:) We never got lost which is easy to happen. 100% recommended!

He has become a great friend of mine! Thank you, Takha!

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Missing Danny

Tahka is an absolute legend. Best driver we could’ve asked for. We did about 9 days together and had an amazing time. He knew the area like the back of his hand, always got us to where we needed to go and by the end of the trip became a great friend. You can’t go wrong. I’m pretty sure he knows everyone in western Mongolia, and everyone knows him… He made the trip what it was

Missing C & L

Takha took the effort to pick me up from Khovd as my flight to Ulgii was cancelled. Without his help, I couldn’t continue the itinerary as what I have planned and wanted. In entire trip, I have been well taken care of in terms of transportation, comfort level, a translator for communication and chef for cuisine according to my taste. I witnessed another traveller that traveled without translator and chef and that spoilt her trip totally especially she is a vegetarian.

Another good point that travel with Takha is we were choosing the unusual destination where pure and untouched as compared with other common destinations that done by tourist.

We also stayed or visited local families where I can emerging myself into local experience which I like it a lot. As Takha familiar with a lot of local.

He is very flexible, humour and honest therefore I highly recommended.

In overall, I have no regret of travelling with Takha and he made me seen the truly Mongolia by myself.

Thank you Takha for this wonderful trip.


Takha was the BEST driver/guide/friend for my Western Mongolia adventure! He was accommodating to all my requests and needs, and knows the roads out there like the back of his hand. Most importantly he brought a huge amount of positive energy to the trip which made my experience so much better! I highly reccomend Takha for exploring the Western regions of Mongolia - you won't regret meeting him!

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