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I am Talant 33 years old from Osh city in Kyrgyzstan.  I have been working in tourism for more than 8 years. I am very experienced on planning travel itineraries starting in Osh city to all the parts of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. To be more specific, i can help you with the following travel services: 

1. Arranging transport across Kyrgyzstan

2. Car rental in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan

3. Arranging tours from Osh city to Dushanbe on Pamir Highway

4. Making permits to enter Tajikistan and Wakhan valley

5. Horse back tours in Alay valley, around Songkol lake and Issykkol lake

6. Trekking and hiking in Alay valley, around Issykkol lake and Chongkemin valley

7. Yurt stays around Osh city

8. Permits to visit the in Peak base camp

Please, let me know if you have any questions regarding Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. 



My skills, interests, and hobbies: Trekking, fishing and horse back riding.

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Services in: Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan

Role: Registered Tour company

26 open listings

12 received reviews (100% positive, 12/12)


Talant was very responsive from the very beginning. We were given thorough briefing by Talant before the trip and our driver, Bahtyar was the best!

Bahtyar spoke English so it was easy to communicate. Very skillful driver and we felt safe along the way. He went out of his way to help us with a lot of stuffs many times during the trip.

It was amazing and very memorable. We will opt ffor this company to organize our trip again in the future. Highly recommended :)

Haziah about listing Osh to Dushanbe Pamir Highway 7 days 9 months ago.

The 7- day Pamir/Wakhan trip organized by Talant was excellent and very intersting and enjoyable. The driver/guide, Bakyt, was also excellent. He was a very skilled and careful driver on mountain roads, and spoke good conversational English and was informative in his knowlege of the area. A top recomendaton of the whole experience!

Michael about listing Michael Sandor 10 months ago.

The trip went really well. All of the logistics were worked out and our guide was brilliant. We really enjoyed our trek that Talant organised.

DARIA about listing Booking for hiking tour with Talant 10 months ago.

Very good pre-trip briefing by Talant. The driver we had spoke English, was punctual and displayed safe driving skills (greatly appreciated). His language ability made border crossings and stopping at checkpoints expedient and efficient as possible. The driver was flexible in letting us evaluate and select lodging. The vehicle was clean, well maintained and did not incur mechanical problems.

Talant has a superior presentation, good value pricing and delivered what was agreed upon. I would recommend him without reservation.

Bob about listing Pamir Hwy 21-30 Aug. 2018 w/ Talant 10 months ago.

Everything went fine. Talant is a very trustworthy, organized and knowledgeable person. The car was on time, the paperwork was in order (without extra costs), he replied promptly to our queries, took time to chat with us about our experiences on the way and gave the car an extra check halfway our tour. It was a pleasure to deal with him. He is enthusiastic and knows his business. Highly recommendable!

Debora about listing Car Rental Tadzjikistan Talant 10 months ago.
Chui Chui

Talant is very responsive from the start, and he answered all my queries happily. Colia (unsure of the spelling) the driver is funny and he would suggest where is the right place to stop for food, where to go to see the best of views.

Chui Chui about listing Osh-Dushanbe 9 Days 11 months ago.

Talent was great and informative. He guided us through the crazy Chinese security maze and offered us support via email while we were coming through China; for example where to stay in Naryn post crossing the pass into Kyrgyzstan. Chris and Melani

Christopher about listing Chris Stevens and Melani Oliver 11 months ago.

Everything with Talant went smoothly, from booking, to pickup, to completing our trek. Talent is fluent in english, knowledable and a great guide. We wouldn't hesistate to use him again.

Kim about listing Son kol trekkend - 3 days 11 months ago.

We had a 6 day tour from Dushanbe to Osh on Pamir. We stayed 4 night in homestay and 1 night in yurt. During the trip, we visited amazing Pamir, hot spring, fortress, yurt, Lenin Leak ect. This is really really memorable and we will recommend it to the others.

Talant is very helpful. We contacted him three months before our trip. Even though we keep changing our schedule, he tried his best to suggest itinerary to fit our schedule. He is just right here to answer our questions. Thanks for coordinating all the stuff.

Our driver, Joomart, is an experienced driver in Pamir. He drives safely and he knows where is the best place to stop for photo. He is an interesting guy to talk with. We have so much fun on his car. He spices up our dull transporting time.

If you are looking for tour Pamir, I would recommend this to you.

Venice about listing Dushanbe to Osh on Pamir Highway 6 days 12 months ago.
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We had a tour through Kyrgyzstan which included a driver for four days (from Osh to Bishkek via tour stops) and three stays with locals: one yurt stay and two home stays. During the trip we had a self guided walk, a guided walk around lakes, and a horse ride.

Overall the tour was very enjoyable. The driver did not speak a great deal of English but spoke more than the home stay people and seemed to understand more so helped us to communicate with them. He also seemed to care about looking after us and was particularly kind and calm when a few of us became ill, which was invaluable!

Talant was always available by phone and we called him a couple of times when we needed to speak to someone with more English. The walks and horse rides were relatively well organised overall and interesting although it seems as if getting the right number of horses was a challenge initially!

We felt we got to experience the Kyrgyz countryside as the guides were knowledgable and interested in showing us around. It should be mentioned that the walking tours were somewhat physically challenging and due to the language barrier it was not possible to ask the guide to shorten the tour, or even to find out how much further it would be. The home stays were adequate and what we expected (outdoor toilets and wash facilities mostly) and overall the home stay people were friendly and helpful despite the language barrier (apart from one lady who was notable in her less positive attitude). The food offered in the homestays was enjoyable Kyrgyz food and a lot was served every time!

I would thoroughly recommend Talant as a tour guide.

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