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With the warmest welcome, I am inviting you to visit to Mongolia. Welcome to Mongolia! It is a land of Blue sky.

My name is Tamir. I'm an experienced tour driver. I have been working as a tour driver for 10 years.

As a local driver I have successfully organized various trips within this time. I am so reliable, honest and hardworking person individually so I would be pleased to advise you as a local driver and a tour operator.

Mongolia, the country of adventure, Gobi dessert, land of steppe nomads with real freedom and great history behind. Once we had been established biggest empire in human history under the rule of Chinggis Khaan. Chinggis Khaan was the Man of the last Millienium.


Mongolians are welcome hospitality nation to introduce our nomadic lifestyle to you and proud to share their amazing history with you.


Adventuring to your mind–makes your dream come true. I will work hard to fulfill our guest’s wishes and your needs. Thanks for your attention!

My skills, interests, and hobbies: Go Travelling/ Speak Korean and English.

Country: Mongolia

Trip Request for: Mongolia

Role: Individual/Freelancer

Years of experience: 10

7 open listings

10 received reviews (100% positive, 10/10)


As an ex-Operations and Training Manager for Intrepid Travel I can say Tamir is everything and more than what you will hope for in a driver/leader/company in Mongolia. He exceeded my expectations in all areas of knowledge/enthusiasm/safety/information. He also has the unteachable skill of being a great guy that everyone he comes in contact with appreciates. If you are needing a driver/guide you can feel safe with, trust in all aspects of your trip, and want to interact with the locals, then Tamir is just that. Look no further. I promise you will be more than satisfied.


Vernon about listing 9 day Tamir 4 months ago.
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Our Father&Son tour through Mongolia was absolutely amazing. Mongolia is a breathtaking country, so different to anywhere we have travelled before.

Our guide and driver Tamir helped us to organise the trip in advance, answered my thousand questions and prepared us a tailormade itinerary. His friedliness and long experience as guide made it possible to see countless highlights along the way and experience a true Mongolian outdoor adventure. Breathtaking camping spots, beautytfull nature will make this trip a longlasting higlight for me and my son. We experienced so much of the beautiful Mongolian landscape,desert Gobi, lakes and mountains and a culture which we will be forever grateful. Thank you for your service and kindness. I'm lucky to choose you, Tamir..

I would highly recommend this trip, and Tamir to anybody looking to tour through Mongolia and seeking for an adventure and not just a tourist tour.

Raimund about listing German Father & Son Tour 5 months ago.

Our trip to Mongolia was amazing especially thanks to Tamir! We had no care in the world, as he drove us around and talked to the accommodations and places to eat and it went really smooth. I really recommend indy-guide and especially Tamir!

Elena about listing Mongolia Tour 6 months ago.

It was pleasure for me and my mother spend 12 days in the countryside of Mongolia with Tamir. During these days Tamir explained us a lot about Mongolia and taught us some new Mongolian vocabulary. We can only recomend him for your Mongolian journey. He is perfect and responsible driver, who is able to handle mongolian dusty and bumpy roads and his car is the cleanest and the most comfortable car which I have ever seen. He can also help you arange nights with local families which is the best part about travelling in Mongolia. We hope that one day we will be back to spend more time in the north Mongolia with Tamir as a driver. :)

Veronika about listing Roadtrip-11th/22th MAY 8 months ago.
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Missing Danilo

I traveled to Mongolia with two friends, as a guide and driver we had Tamir. It was a fabulous experience, we planned the trip and the stops and Tamir took us to all the places we wanted to see. He is a really nice and sociable guide, we had a lot of fun with his musical choices. He also helped us to look for lodging for the night, he introduced us to good places to eat traditional food and to be known and hosted by some pastors. I am very satisfied, I hope in the future to return to visit this wonderful country and I will certainly contact Tamir. Danilo


Me and my brother were in Mongolia as small kids in 1984-1987.

At end of september 2018 we planed 3-day trip to Khentei province to see places of our childhood to make some before/after photos.

And now he is our #1 person and friend in Mongolia, because of his great and responsible driver’s skills (even in snow conditions) with really comfortable car and a tour operator who managed our trip to not common place (former geologic camp). Thank to him we could met local people and share our memories with them.

We also very enjoyed one day trip to Terelj with 3 hours horseride with local guide he arranged.

I highly recommend Tamir to everyone, who want to visit and explore all corners of beautyfull Mongolia.

Ľuboš about listing 3 days in Khentii province 1 years ago.
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I traveled with Tamir for 9 days in September 2018.

I didn’t have very specific plan but Tamir helped me to plan the trip.

Everything was well planned and sometimes it was flexible as we wanted.

Since his car was really comfortable he is a very experienced driver, we could enjoy being in the car for 4-5 hours even sometimes it was really exciting.

(I can’t forget the day we drove off road and listened to rock music!)

He was really kind and tried to help us even after we finished trip with him.

I would hire Tamir again and thank you so much for everything!

Jihyeon about listing 9 Days Car rent & Driver Services 1 years ago.
Missing Seok

Mongolia conditions are not always easy to predict. On our last days we visited tourist areas.....Although I wish I hadnt visited tourist areas, my guide tried his best to accomodate my ambitious trip goals such as climbing Khustai mtn to see the coveted Sverski horses and navigating through rough terrain on our way to Orkhon Valley. Tamir will try his best to accomodate you but please be very specific of what you want with Tamir or else you might not get the full experience you want. I would give him 4 out of 5 stars.


Best driver I have ever known!

I felt like traveling with just friend of mine.

Being with you were the joy of traveling, too.

Gieon about listing July24-Aug1 Touring 1 years ago.
Missing Kevin

In the fall of 2017 I hired Tamir to be my guide and driver for 6 days in central rural Mongolia. I did not have a very planned agenda, nor any reservations ahead of time, and Tamir was fine with that. He drove the direction I pointed, and helped me find lodgings in the evening. In the afternoons for lunch he often had a picnic prepared. I remember one fantastic day we ate hot noodles he cooked in the shade of a tree near a stream. When I wanted to visit some nomads assembling a ger, he drove across the grasslands and introduced ourselves, and we got invited into try some fermented horse milk. I appreciated his flexibility, his promptness, and his efforts to be clear and communicating. He was also a great driver. He negotiated some really gnarly rocky "roads" to get to a waterfall -- a so-called road that I did not think was passable, but he did. I felt cared for by Tamir, and would not hesitate to use him again.


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