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My name is Tatyana. I'm from Kazakhstan. I'm 29 years old. Almaty city it is my own land. I was born and grew up here. 

I am a certified tour guide for Almaty and Almaty region for more than 7 years. I have the satisfaction of the tour guide from the Kazakhstan Tourist Association. Since 2010 till last year I had worked as a professional guide in the company of the tour operator "Almaty city tour". Now I am individual private English & Russian speeking guide.

I really love my native city. The beauty of my land amazes me every time. During a meeting with guests I often take a camera to capture the uniqueness of the moments. Many friends and relatives live in my city. I'm married and I have a small son.

I invite you to my hometown and I will gladly introduce its history, people's characteristics and traditions. I'll show you my favorite places in the city and out of it.

I'll be very glad to organize your best tour in my homeland.

My skills, interests, and hobbies: My interests are to enjoy of watching the beauty of nature and architecture. Very glad to spend time with a new people. My hobbies are ski and creating educational videos for children.

Country: Kazakhstan

Services in: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan

Role: Certified/licensed Guide

Years of experience: 8

33 open listings

59 received reviews (98% positive, 58/59)


Tatyana and her husband did an outstanding job. Very knowledgeable and friendly. We had a good time with them.

Daniel about listing Jacusiel Kazakhstan tour 1 day ago.

My private tour with Roman, Tatyana’s husband and driver/guide, was perfect!

He’s very friendly, knowledgeable and truly makes an effort to fulfill any request!

He’s also great at taking photos and finding nice spots to rest and enjoy the views

Would definitely recommend!!

Erick about listing Almaty Lake + Charyn Canyon 2 days 6 days ago.

Everything went smooth with Tatyana. She tried her best to accomodate all our request and was replying very fast for our Almaty tour. She also helped us with our Mangystau trip and managed to find the best guide ever, making our trip memorable !

guillaume about listing Guillaume and Pierre 1 month ago.

It went alright. Tatyana is obviously knowledgeable about Kazakhstan and is willing to share tons of information. I contacted her before I booked to make sure she was available but it seemed otherwise. I was the one to message and confirm details. The day of the trip we ran late due to some scheduling issues she had and then we were rushed through the first part of the day. We agreed on an everything included price but then she offered for us to take a taxi out of the canyon and we paid for it, including her spot. Even though I contacted her before to confirm details- she still seemed unprepared for things that I specifically asked about. The driver was great. He was a safe and thoughtful driver.

Ivette about listing July 10- Canyon and Issyk 1 month ago.

Everything was great! Roman did a great job with the tour. He was very knowledgeable about everything.

Chris about listing Custom booking 2 months ago.
Pak Wah

Tatyana was a wonderful guide and so were the drivers for the 2 separate trips. Warmly recommended.


Tatyana organized the trip well and was a very informative guide.


Simply put, you couldn't ask for better guides than Tanya and her husband Roman! Let me explain why.

Our day at the Charyn Canyon was nothing short of superb; Tanya's unrivalled knowledge of the area and its history as well as her hugely entertaining, conversational style, made for one of the best tours I have ever been on. This feeling was only enhanced by the lunch stop we made at a Uighur cafe, where Tanya had arranged for a selection of local dishes to be served. The food was delicious!

I must, however, not forget Roman, who was an incredibly accommodating driver, willing to pull over at a second's notice whenever he or we spotted something to photograph (the fact that he is, himself, a talented photographer no doubt explains his happiness to do so). Roman is also, incidentally, one of the best drivers we encountered on our tour of Central Asia; he made us feel safe, and at ease, from the minute we got in the car.

All that is left for me to say is that this pair are hugely deserving of their many positive reviews; I am extremely glad to provide just another such review and am sure that they will not stop rolling in for a long time yet!

Таня, Рома - спасибо вам огромное за такой незабывемый день! Вы супер!

James about listing Charyn Canyon Tour - Day Trip 3 months ago.

Tatyana was one of the best options we got for the trip. Answering to every our questions in really quick time. The cars we had were also in really good condition, clean and comfortable. Unfortunately we could not see most of the trip, due to "weather" which we could not never predict 100%.

But if you are a looking for a good tour, ask for Tatyana

Athanasios about listing Almaty - tour 4 days 4 months ago.

Tatyana organized a spectacular tour through Charyn Canyon and the (luckily unpeopled) Kolsay Lakes National Park. We stayed overnight in a comfortable and authentic accommodation where we came into contact with traditional Kazakh life and food. We had a perfect stay these days in Kazakhstan. Thanks a lot, Tatyana, thumbs up!

Dimitri about listing Tour to Altyn Emel 5 months ago.

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