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I have booked air tickets  from Houston Texas to Istanbul May 8, 2020, Istanbul to Almaty May 11, 2020

Return Dushanbe to Istanbul June 4, 2020, Istanbul to Houston Texas June 6, 2020

I may change return from Dushanbe to Tashkent depending on best way to get from city to city.

My wife and I have traveled to 124 countries and are excited about visiting the 5 Stans. We travel light and on a budget.  We do not want a group tour because we do not like keeping up with a group and always having to be somewhere at a set time. We enjoy staying 3 - 5 days in one area, visiting with local people, relaxing and photography. we would like to spend 3 days in Almaty, 3 days in Bishkek, 3 days in Samarkand, 4 days in Bukhara, 4 days in Khiva area, 3 days in Turkmenistan, 3 days Tajikistan.

We are getting older and not interested in long hikes or walking up and down mountains.

We would like to have someone drive us from city to city, take us to train or airport, or tour outside of cities but we do not need anyone with us all day or provide guide service. We may need help for some Visa's especially Turkmenistan. We can pick our hotels but need help with internal flights and train tickets. We do not want to travel by bus between cities.


My skills, interests, and hobbies: Photography, travel, History,

Country: United States

Trip Request for: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan

About my trip: Visa and tour for Turkmenistan, or transit visa with airline tickets to Ashgabat and airfare from Ashgabat to Dushanbe. I can't finalize my schedule until I resolve Turkmenistan. Then I want a car & driver between cities and a few local tours.

Travel month: May 2020

Starting point (City): Brenham, Texas 77833

Number of days: 30

Number of persons: 2

Status: Open

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Last seen 5 months ago