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Country: Hong Kong

Trip Request for: Mongolia

About my trip: We will arrive in Ulaanbaatar on 23/1 and wish to have a 7-day tour from 24/1 to 30/1. We are from Hong Kong and can communicate in English. Guiding in Mandarin Chinese is not necessary (as we can't speak Chinese well anyway). We would like to visit the following places: -Khugnu-Tarni National Park / Elsen Tasarkhai -Orkhon valley -Tsenkher -Kharkhorin -Gobi Desert (exact locations are open to suggestions, but we expect to see the proper/sandy Gobi desert) We wish the tour to include the following activities: -Camel ride -Hot spring (Tsenkher) -Dog sledding (if possible) -Horse riding (if possible) -Tourist ger stay Thank you very much! Bayarlalaa!

Travel month: January 2020

Starting point (City): Ulaanbaatar

Number of days: 7

Number of persons: 2

Status: Booked

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Last seen 8 months ago