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Located in Western Mongolia, near Altai Mountains. Off road biker. I work for a nature conservation company.  Operate tours on wildlife photo shooting including ibex, snow leopard, Przewalskii horses, Argali, the wild sheep in the Altai mountain range. 

Eagle and eagle hunting activities in the Altai mountains,

Operating tours including Central Mongolian beautiful lakes Terhiin Tsagaan Nuur lake, Ugii Nuur lake,  Chuluut river basin and Khuvgsul lakes.

Govi desert area including Grand Canyons, beautiful deserts, camel trecking in the sand dunes are offered by my team.

Throat singing and traditional musical instrumental concert organizing.

Small Naadam Festival - archery, horse race and wrestling.

My skills, interests, and hobbies: I speak English, Turkish, Russian, Kazakh and Mongolian. Photo shooting and hiking skills. 15 years of experience of tour guiding.

Country: Mongolia

Trip Request for: Mongolia

Role: Registered Tour company

Years of experience: 15

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We had such an amazing experience with Tilyek and his team! As we are travel photographers, our main focus for the trip was capturing the lives of the nomadic families in an authentic way. It was such an honor to be welcomed into their homes and be part of a culturally immersive experience. Tilyek delivered beyond expectations. We are so pleased that we are planning our return trip for next year. Rakmet to our new friends!

Wendy about listing WendyStanOctober2019 9 months ago.

Tilek was a great tour guide. He speaks English very well, knows a lot about the people and the history of Mongolia, and is extremely caring of his guests. He would always go out of his way to make sure we were having a good time or that all of our needs were met. He is also a very prompt communicator which helped as we were organizing the trip. Lastly, even though our tour started in Ulgii, Tilek was very communicative and helped us with a number of things while we were in UB both before and after our trip.

Overall Tilek is a great host and would highly recommend him for a trip in Mongolia. One of the best tours we’ve ever been on.


Tilek was awesome! We had a great time and he helped us a lot getting around the city. Thank you very much Tilek! Will recommend him %100!!

Randy and Jay

From the moment Tilek (our tour guide) picked us up from our hotel in Ulaanbaatar, until the moment he dropped us off at the Airport about 800 miles later—our time in Mongolia was both amazing and well organized.

Frankly, the Indy-Guide website communication was a little difficult to use at first, but once we made our initial (10%) deposit, we were then able to communicate directly, via email, with Tilek to fine-tune the final tour details. Our itinerary included a City tour of Ulaanbaatar, a day trip to visit an Eagle Hunter including archery and visiting his home. We visited the Kustai National Park and Takhi Wild Horses, Erdenzuu, Karakorum & Ruins, Terhiin Tsagaan Nuur Lake, and he arranged for us to ride Mongolian Horses, Yaks and Camels for prolonged periods of time—and not just the typical tourist ride of 10 minutes. In addition, Tilek also organized lodging and meals at decent Tourist Camps. Along the way, we requested several last minute changes for various reasons, and he never complained—and always accommodated.

Tilek made certain that we had a comfortable and reliable ride with a Toyota Land Cruiser, which was driven by a very competent former bodyguard for the Prime Minister. Tilek’s English was excellent; he got our jokes; and never hesitated to translate for us when we wanted to communicate directly with some of the people we encountered. He also shared his experiences and recommendations for future trips at different times of the year. All in all, we felt that we got good value, and a series of experiences that we will always remember.


--Randy & Jay

Randy and Jay about listing McDonald & Bansal - August 2018 2 years ago.
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Thanks for arranging Naadam tickets - everything went smoothly and we all enjoyed the day - with more to come tomorrow!

susan about listing Naadam tickets 2 years ago.

Tilyek was very well organised for the trip. The communication even before the trip started was excellent between us. He organised my trip to a very high standard. He used efficient drivers for the trip. Tilyek is very easy to get along with & in the end we became good friends. His communication skills are excellent both with the customers & the hosts & most of the times he went out of his way to make this trip memorable for me. He also took to me to some hidden spots in western Mongolia which are untouched.

The highlight of the trip for me was spending 3 nights in western Mongolia with an eagle hunting family.

If you're looking to explore Mongolia like a true traveller then i would highly recommend Tilyek as your guide.

I had an excellent trip & thank you Tilyek for showing me your world



Inder about listing 10% deposit 2 years ago.
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