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With the warmest welcome, I am inviting you to visit to Mongolia. Welcome to Mongolia! It is a land of Blue sky.

My name is Tamir. I'm an experienced tour driver. I have been working as a tour driver for 10 years.

As a local driver I have successfully organized various trips within this time. I am so reliable, honest and hardworking person individually so I would be pleased to advise you as a local driver and a tour operator.

Mongolia, the country of adventure, Gobi dessert, land of steppe nomads with real freedom and great history behind. Once we had been established biggest empire in human history under the rule of Chinggis Khaan. Chinggis Khaan was the Man of the last Millienium.


Mongolians are welcome hospitality nation to introduce our nomadic lifestyle to you and proud to share their amazing history with you.


Adventuring to your mind–makes your dream come true. I will work hard to fulfill our guest’s wishes and your needs. Thanks for your attention!

My skills, interests, and hobbies: Go Travelling/ Speak Korean and English.

Country: Mongolia

Services in: Mongolia

Role: Individual/Freelancer

Years of experience: 10

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Best driver I have ever known!

I felt like traveling with just friend of mine.

Being with you were the joy of traveling, too.

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Missing Kevin

In the fall of 2017 I hired Tamir to be my guide and driver for 6 days in central rural Mongolia. I did not have a very planned agenda, nor any reservations ahead of time, and Tamir was fine with that. He drove the direction I pointed, and helped me find lodgings in the evening. In the afternoons for lunch he often had a picnic prepared. I remember one fantastic day we ate hot noodles he cooked in the shade of a tree near a stream. When I wanted to visit some nomads assembling a ger, he drove across the grasslands and introduced ourselves, and we got invited into try some fermented horse milk. I appreciated his flexibility, his promptness, and his efforts to be clear and communicating. He was also a great driver. He negotiated some really gnarly rocky "roads" to get to a waterfall -- a so-called road that I did not think was passable, but he did. I felt cared for by Tamir, and would not hesitate to use him again.


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