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Last seen 11 months ago

Country: Czech Republic

Trip Request for: Tajikistan

About my trip: Fann mountains - transport from Vertical Alaudin camp to Dushanbe, also Panjakent (or Uzbek border) to Artuch.

Travel month: September 2019

Number of days: 1

Number of persons: 1

Status: Booked

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Dear Tomas,

Thank you for receiving our services, however:

First, you right about no competence of our driver - it is our mistake;

Second, you wrong about money, you should be paid $45, but we have received only $30 - why? I think that is because of our friendly to you?

Third, according to your order you should had hiking for 7 hours (4+3), however when we have suggested you "let walk part of road - as hiking" you had refused.

In this regard, it is not serious, we cannot agree to your negative feedback to our address.

By the way again thank you for your coming in our country, and it will be serious lesson for us to future relations.

Sukhrob about listing Shirkent and Hissar 1 day from Dushanbe 11 months ago.

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Last seen 11 months ago