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Question: Kokkol Valley, Eastern Kazakhstan

Hi there!

Ive had surprisingly little response to my request for transport and accommodation in the Kokkol Valley. 

Is there any advice of locations, transport, accommodation etc that people Could provide?

if there are good alternative destinations in the Katon-Karaghay region, that'd be great too. 



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Sergey 4 years ago

Anthony good afternoon! I am a guide - the driver from Almaata. The region is very removed from me. I can offer the region of Alma-Ata, we have many remarkable places. The place, similar to Kokko, is too. This lake Tuzkol with a remarkable view of Hantengri's peak of 7000 meters above sea level 350 kilometers from Almaty). Besides in one trip about five days it is possible to see still remarkable mountain lakes of Kainda and Kolsay. plus the Charynsky canyon and national park the Three-copecks piece Emel with the singing barkhan and the mountains of Aktau. If to you I can interestingly apply a photo of these places. Yours faithfully Sergey.

asyab 4 years ago

Hello Anthony,


unfortunately, Kokkol and Katon-Karagay are not the areas we are dealing with. It seems that we cannot help you in this case.


Best regards,


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