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Question: How much independence in travelling in Uzbekistan?

My wife and I have always traveled independently, and we've visited some out of the way places like Kashgar, Lhasa, and Gandrung.  From reading forums I gather that virtually everybody who visits Uzbekistan uses a travel agency for at least some of their trip. 

I accept that completely indepent travel places too many demands on the traveler, and a relatively small contribution to the local economy makes for much greater ease.  However, I don't have any sense of where to draw the line between freedom to wander aimlessly and having a local person with local language skills helping us navigate and showing us things that we would not otherwise see.

Can anybody shed some light on this issue?

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Yusuf 1 years ago

Hi Yen, how are you, my name is Yusuf, I am an English-speaking driver with a car in the city of Tashkent


Beck 4 years ago

Hi Yen,

I think that in your case having an English speaking driver or a guide with his own car will be the best way. This can help you feel that you're accompanied by a local who knows the country and also your itinerary can be as flexible as you want. 

All the best!


Alexandra 4 years ago

Hi Yen! My husband and I travelled in Spring 2016 in Uzbekistan. We are like you guys, we like to be intependent and don't like to join big tours groups. As far as I can say, travelling in Uzbekistan is possible to do on your own. Between the famous silk road city there are fast and comfortable train connections, so it is easy to get around, many hotels and restaurants in every city. If you want to see more then just the typical route (e.g. Shakhrisabz, Nurata or Aral Sea) then I would recommend you for those trips a local driver or a personal guide. Like this you are still independent because you can choose what to do or where to go, when to stop but you don't have to worry how to get there. You also have somebody that can tell you a bit more about the history and speaks the local language. So you definitely don't have to join big tour groups if you don't want to but to get more local insights and see some places I would recommend local assistance. Have a nice day, greetings Alex


Elyorbek 4 years ago

Hi Yen. I am Elyorbek from Uzbekistan. Local tour guide who has all necessary documents from the government. I can offer you my service navigating you here in Uzbekistan. If you have any questions, offers, inquiries, pls do not hesitate to contact via this site. Site administrators have my all contact details. Thank you very much.


Sanjar 4 years ago

I am here to help you

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