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Question: Central Mongolia and Gobi

Hi there,

There's a tiny possibility that my plans may fall through. Just as a back up, what are the chances of joining a group to see Central Mongolia and Gobi for about 12-14 days departing UB tomorrow ( 30 June 2016)?

Many thanks 

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Munkhbaatar 4 years ago

Central Mongolia trip to Karakorum, Arkhangai & Southgobi trips can be custom arranged. Goodluck with your travels! 

Munkhtuya and Experienced Team

Munkhtuya and Experienced Team 4 years ago

He Dear,

We have two people who are traveling to Gobi and Central Mongolian 13 days trip.You can join with them. Leave on Friday. 


TAMI and NOMADS 4 years ago

Hi dear, 

we can provide trip for you if you find travel buddies.

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