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Question: Which is the most difficult part of the Pamir highway?

Which part of the Pamir highway is the most dangerous for self-driving?

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Khudoguy 4 years ago

Dear all, 

Bartang and from Kalai Khum to Vanj are not part of the Pamir Highway. Pamir Highway starts from Khorog and finish in Kyrgyzstan. 


Gulnara 4 years ago

The most difficult part of Pamir Highway and dangerous for self - driving is Bartang Valley and Wakhan Corridor.


Maksud 4 years ago

Dear Sir! The most difficult and dangerous part of the Pamir Highway is from Kalai Khumb to Vanj.


Khudoguy 4 years ago

Hi there, Actually, there is not any dangerous area for driving on Pamir Highway. The only, road goes through high mountain passes (more than 4000 m) and you should take an altitude sickness pills with you during your journey. best regards Khudoguy


DOKA 2 years ago

The most difficult part is it Tajik castomers 


Sher 2 years ago

The road in the Wakhan Corridor is the toughest part of the Pamir highway. It feels like as if you are on a rally with bugs riding crazy like fellas from Mad Max )))


Saidali 3 years ago

Maksut is right, the most difficult part of the road between Khalikum Vanj some place until Rushan. Pamir high way is all M41.

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