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Question: 3-3-1/2 day tours leaving from Darkhan

Hi, I am volunteer teaching English in Darkhan from 18 September to 25 October. Classes finish at 4.30 pm on Thursday, so I could even leave on Thursday evenings but classes begin again at 8 am on Monday, so I should not be back too late on Sundays.  Does anyone have ideas (offers) for trips that originate out of Darkhan?  I could also take the bus to UB to begin there, but I have to be back in Darkhan. Thank you for any ideas. Dianne

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Sukhee 4 years ago

Hello, Good evening We gladly accept your request. We do make our private travel program based on client's interests.

Please let me know if you have any questions. We will create your travel destination agenda as well as the          quotation and send you within 24 hours.

Thank you,



Ochir 4 years ago

hi. i live in Darkhan. Please contact me


Dominic 4 years ago

We can tailor made an exciting planning for you!


Dominique 4 years ago

Please contact me. I am in Darkhan. Dominique

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