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Question: Charyn canyon and Lake Kaindy area

We will be around Charyn Canyon and Lake Kaindy. It would be really cool to be able to see small towns, how people live there, or if there is any tradition or costumes that are typical to the place or towns around.

Could you let us know, if you are familiar with the area, if there is any tradition or activity that it is unique or unknown and awesome?

Do you know someone who might be able to show us around or be an insider to how people live in these towns?

How do they live? What do they do for a living? Is there anything that make the people in the area specially interesting? What about its Soviet past? Are they miners? Are they shepards? Do they have special traditions or wear different costumes to the rest? How do people earn a living I the charyn canyon and lake Kaindy area?

The info about the place is so scarce and the information we could gather is so low that your inside knowledge would be amazingly useful!

Thank you

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Sergey 4 years ago

Good afternoon ! I guide the driver from Almaty. region, and specifically you are interested in the area know very well. (come here at least three times a month) can help you in this journey with raskaz the local population visits, Charyn Canyon, Lake Kaindy, perhaps the city Zharkent people, mosques, pagan shrines and provoslavnoy temples


Dildabek 4 years ago

Dear Ati,

just for your information. These two places are more natural places or could be considered somehow as spiritual, for example for spiritual practices.  And they are really very interesting in this term.  

Re people, towns and traditions.  There are no towns there in Western understanding, they are more villages or we call them in Kazak language "auls".  You know what I mean.  Most of the villages are Kazak, where people are living by stock raising (you can call them shepherd ("koishy") and agriculture ("dihanshi").  But their lifestyle is more modern rather then traditional, they are living in former Soviet collective farms.  Kazak people are mostly belong to Big Horde ("Uly Zhuz") from Alban, Dulat, Suan, Zhalair tribes.  Of course, you can find representatives of othert tribes such Naiman, Argyn, etc.  If you go to such places with quide, you can probably get some local history, legends and even traditions. It takes more time or you need special people (which also takes time) to find something uniqie.  Globalization and civilization...

Go, enjoy and try to feel and remember all what is in your blood and genes. Zhol bolsyn, mol bolsyn!



madinau 4 years ago

Hi! We would like to help you in your trip. We  will make ur trip interesting and exciting. We are from south of Kazakhstan and we know Kazakh traditions very well. We will tell you everything you wanted to know. 


Sergey 4 years ago

Good afternoon ! I do not quite understand the question? You need Programmes at the stay in the region? with elements that are interesting to you? Or simply describe this region, the people, the traditions, the history? ...

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