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Question: Almaty insider

A British magazine is visiting Kazakhstan (October 2016). Please answer the questions here:

The readership is young (20-35) interested in design, fashion, entertainment and art. Any recommendations for places, people, events?

Is there a design-led or hipster-like (cringe) scene in Almaty or any other of the big cities?

Aside from the big hotels and the home stay options, do you know of any design boutique hotels or B&Bs?

Thank you for your help!

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Dildabek 4 years ago

Dear Ati,

I am not an expert in design, fashion and entertainment. This is just my personal opinion.  Unfortunately, here in Kazakhstan most of industries, including "design, fashion and entertainment" are just miserable copy of Western originals.  We are followers. Only few are really authentic and interesting.  But they are entirely based on ancient Turkic and Kazak history and culture. The only you can do is to look for genuine national pearls. They are not in mainstream, they are underground. 

Go away from big cities and go deeper, to historical places and natural landscapes.  There you can find something interesting.









Gretha 4 years ago

You can stay at the Fendi boutique-hotel at Zhailjau Golf Resort (contact them directly or contact me if you are interested in)

Interesting places for you: Art Lane, Artishock theatre, Esentai mall (with Esentai Square and Esentai Gallery), maybe Villa boutiques and restaraunts. Barmaglot bar, Bar 3200. Also you can visit Training cafe (where people with disabilities work)

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