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Question: Entering Afghanistan from Wakhan corridor

  • Do you know whether we are required to leave our passport at the customs office before entering Afghan side of Wakhan valley? Is that considered normal practice? 
  • Do they put an Afghan stamp on the passport if we go to the Afghan side of the corridor? 

Thank you for your response!

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Shagarf 4 years ago

To cross the Tajik- Afghan border to Wakhan Coridor you should have afghan Visa. We provide it in one working day in Khorog.  Ones you cross the border the border post will put a stamp in your passport.

For crossing border to AFGAN Saturday bazar you don't need a visa. You just leave your passport in border post and will collect it ones you come back to Tajik side. In this case you will not have a stamp in your passport. It is normal practice.

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Ardasher 3 years ago

No. Your passports just be collected in controll zone in Tajik side. After coming back you easelly will take back your passports.


Orsolya 3 years ago


If we just visit the Ishkashim Afghan market then there is no visa required? Do we need a double entry visa to Tajikistan then? 

Many thanks




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