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Question: Accommodation in Kazakhstan Altai region

i will be heading to the Altai region and would like assistance with places to go hiking and accommodation. I would like home stays if possible. Are there shepherd summer camps I could stay with? 

At this stage I don't know where in the Altai I am going but I intend on getting a permit for the restricted area. 

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Ati 4 years ago

Hi Anthony

Do you know where in the Altai region you're going to? Are you going from Öskemen?

For example, in Katon-Karagay and further to chinese border area (permit required) there are some tourist camps and beautiful spots hiking and horseback riding.

There is a local driver from Öskemen listed in Indy Guide: http://indy-guide.com/en/listings/9-personal-guide-in-north-western-kazakhstan

Have a great trip.

madinau 4 years ago

Hello! Yes, we can organize  such services for you!  I will write you in details tomorrow.


Anthony 3 years ago

Thanks Ati, I will post a new question. 

Thanks to all for your help 


madinau 3 years ago


  •  can you telk me when you will arrive. If you go to Oskemen we can meet you there. We have a small house in Altay mountains with a awasome view. In there you can do hikes or horse rides


Ati 3 years ago

Hi Anthony

I suggest you to post a new question ('Request tour offer') to get diffrent offers by local providers. Just click on 'Post a question'. 



Anthony 3 years ago

I will be applying for a visa as soon as I arrive in KZ. I would like to go to the Kokkol Valley. Once there is like to base myself in some accommodation and do day hikes or horse rides. I you can connect me with suitable operators I would be much obliged.  Any other suggested locations are welcome too, such as the Markahol Nature Reserve.  

With thanks


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