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Question: Taklamakan Desert Tour from Hotan/Yarkand


My Boyfriend and I would like to do a 1-3 days camel tour in the Taklamakan, starting from Hotan or Yarkand.

Without speaking Chinese it's very difficult to get any good information - can anyone here help?

Did anyone go on a desert tour starting from Hotan or Yarkand? How much was it? What was included? And can you recommend your guide or how did you arrange your trip? Can you give us the contact details of guide or travel agency?

Thanks a lot for your help in advance!


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JuanMao 3 years ago

Due to rules by the government the Camel Tour is not available, as foreign travelers can not stay overnight/camp in the desert now. Despite that I can definitely recommend this part of Silk Route,
and can help you with the organization.

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